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Date Night over at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar & Grill, Castle Hotel, Windsor

marco pierre white ali and jon davey

The last thing you are expecting from all the “French” MPW portraiture that hangs around the dining room is a good old Yorkshire accent coming out of his mush 😉

marco pierre white reading menu

Ali and I joined couples from Windsor and further afield for what felt like “Date Night” at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar & Grill situated inside the Castle Hotel.

marco pierre white adam afriyie book signing

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor was there with his wife causing a queue to form as they chatted to Marco for ages about who knows what! I asked a good question… well I thought it was… read on to find out what…

paul britton and wife marco pierre white

Paul Britton, CEO Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and his wife were in the house and he was feeling quite famished after waiting behind Adam but luckily for all of us, especially the ladies, Marco gives a much bigger portion than his old protégé Heston 😉

marco pierre white your welcome

When we dined at the Fat Duck and the only thing fat about the portions was the bill. If you like a healthy portion, great food and good old fashioned value for money then you need to get along to Marco’s newest restaurant and try the fabulous food.

marco pierre white the menu

Check out the menu and enjoy the pictures below… when you’re salivating, pick up the phone and book your table for “Date Night” next week 01753 641321 😉

marco pierre white prawn cocktail

Ali went for Wheeler’s Atlantic prawn cocktail with Marie Rose sauce… little did she know it was our pal David Wheeler’s birthday yesterday… that must have been why!

marco pierre white mackerel

I went for the Brandade of smoked mackerel with horseradish and Melba toast. I had this last time but I do like my fish when I’m out and about…

marco pierre white chicken kiev

Ali’s main, 1970s classic chicken Kiev, pommes frites, roast vine tomatoes and Bearnaise sauce… well it was certainly a chunky chicken, not some water filled factory farmed excuse for a chuck but much more your Foghorn Leghorn stylee… I obviously helped out a damsel in distress!

marco pierre white swordfish

As for my choice of Grilled 8oz swordfish steak a la Provencal, buttered new potatoes, sauce Vierge with fresh basil… WOWZER… never tasted anything so succulent from the water… I could have gone 16oz, maybe event 24oz… try it for yourself 😉

marco pierre white knickerbocker glory

For pudding Ali went for the Cambridge burnt cream or aka creme brulee, that didn’t last long… Classic Knickerbocker glory with raspberries for little old me to finish off the evening… you, Yum, YUM 😉

marco pierre white jon davey book signing

I asked Marco, “When you’ve filled your bin, what keeps you motivated to do the next thing?” Marco said he’s very creative and just likes making things. He was in a shop the other day and they asked him what his job was and he said “unemployed” because he says, “I’m unemployable… so just keeps making new things…” that’ll bugger their data profiling!

ben swimming in the river wharfe pool in wharfedale

I got Marco to sign the book to my mum and told him after he’d signed, that it was going to Yorkshire, to Pool-in-Wharfedale. He shared how, as a teenager, he used to fish off the island, opposite the old water mill… just upstream from where my dad’s dog Ben is swimming. You can see the impact of the winter floods on the opposite riverbank.

marco pierre white marcoselfie

What a jolly nice chap he is… make sure you make the opportunity to go and try some of his grub even if you haven’t got a really stylish shirt like mine!

marco pierre white swordfish and butterflies

No butterflies died in the making of this blog 😉

Thank you.


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