All change at the top of the Tory Party at RBWM

You didn’t really believe it would be that easy did you? That there would actually be any sort of real change at RBWM!

Turns out, like you needed to be told, that Councillor Simon Dudley won the day, tweeting out the fact that he’d won the contest at 9:36pm yesterday evening. I can’t show you his tweet because he blocked me during the last election!

Obviously it was likely to be a pre programmed tweet as he probably had a few resource strapped schools to view before cherry picking and making an offer last night!

holyport college simon dudley 480000

Did I recall Councillor Burbage’s resignation letter saying something about making way for new blood… well this is hardly new blood… it’s the same old, same old… what a load of old bollocks.

Rather fitting as we celebrate #Shakespeare400, Richard III where jealous of his older brother, his paranoia reeks havoc!

As mentioned earlier Dudley blocked me and a bunch of others during the last council election campaign from following him on twitter … why would you? And as for the debacle that was him awarding his own school £180k of S106 funding because of a change in the rules which made his decision legal but way off on any moral basis… God help Windsor with him at the helm.

Every decision will be based on what Tory HQ want to happen, sod the consequences for the local population… him tweeting #ResidentsFirst … what a load of old cobblers!

This just underlines the sheepish nature of Tory councillors… they couldn’t even grow enough balls to vote in someone who would actually have a positive impact on the community when they had the chance…

That’s OK though, hopefully people will remember this and when it all goes pear they will vote for Independent candidates next time round… I do hope so.

Thank you.


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