Bowie Experience had them dancing in the aisles at Windsor Theatre

Windsor’s a beautiful small theatre but the crowd can be tough… tonight they were dancing in the street… well, in the aisles!

bowie experience windsor theatre all the young dudes

I so wish I’d taken a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend sitting in the front row thinking “How embarrassing!” as Ali & I got up for a boogie… thing was, the whole theatre was dancing and only those super self conscious young dudes on the front row were sitting!

bowie experience windsor theatre golden years

I’d asked the band via Twitter at half time if they minded me taking and sharing a few pics… they were like fill your boots… the theatre weren’t too keen which is rather silly in 2016 when most nights there are plenty of empty seats?

Totally get recording sound or if the staging is super special but if the band / artists are cool then sharing content is great for the artists and great for the venues… this needs to be reviewed me thinks 😉

bowie experience windsor theatre write a review

The Bowie Experience is a must see show… everything is tight, especially his union jack outfit in the first set 😉 Laurence has surrounded himself with some seriously talented musicians and vocalists. The Sound and Vision was amazing, giving the right mood to each and every song covering Bowie’s extensive back catalogue…

bowie experience windsor theatre top guitarist

My wife knew the words to all and was quietly singing along… I was reliving days at The Warehouse & Phonographic in Leeds where we’d punk out to Sid and then get smooth to Bowie. One of the lads was lucky enough to have different coloured eyes and have that Bowie vibe going on… he obviously pulled more often than the rest of us!

bowie experience windsor theatre diamond dogs

There were many celebrating their Golden Years at Windsor Theatre tonight and great to see Windsor rocking out to a legend… making two thin white dukes in town tonight 😉

bowie experience windsor theatre thin white duke

Thank you everyone involved with the Bowie Experience for a Diamond Dogs, Blue Jean, Boys Keep Swinging, China Girl experience… and make sure you don’t Look Back in Anger by missing the Bowie Experience when it rolls through your Suffragette City.

Where are your Heroes appearing next week? >>>

bowie experience windsor theatre thank you and goodnight

Thank you.


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