Have you got your summer vouchers for Windsor?

The summer is just a few exams away and you’ll be looking to make the most of Windsor this year.

I thought I’d try a new approach, a variation on many approaches I have tried in the past and see if this bugger works!

I love telling stories but sadly need to earn my crust along the way…

Oh to be a zillionaire and not have to worry about money… the irony being, most folk with money worry about it (or it would appear anecdotally to be the case!)

granddad davey happy days

My granddad didn’t “appear” to worry about money and he and my nanna always seem to be smiling 😉 Just not in this pic… they must have been knackered with all these kids running around one of my aunties pubs!

Any road, back to the Windsor vouchers…

Figured that if people are signed up for the blog, they’ll get all my stories and that will save me having to keep sharing them on various platforms… it does rather detract from the fun of writing them!

Then if local businesses that want more customers through their door send me vouchers to share with my readers… and pay me a fee for sharing their voucher… happy days!

The business owner will know how many people, or have an inkling that the exercise has been worthwhile… if they feel it has they will invest again and more will be attracted to give me a few quid… happy days!

And you’ll think it’s great because you can download a whole load of vouchers (once we get the party started)… happy days!

So let’s give it a go…

If you want access to the voucher area sign up top right to the blog, it’s that simple… it’ll be password protected so you need to be signed up to read / download the vouchers.

If you want me to share a voucher then you’d best get in touch so we can work out a deal that makes us both happy.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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