Why did the deer cross the road?

More accurately why did the deer cross The Long Walk right in front of me today 30th May 2016.

windsor great park stags walking

What an amazing sight… let me tell you a story…

max the dog

I do like going for long walks in Windsor Great Park and today it was just me and Max… so after getting the “Sunday lunch” at the Farm Shop… fine quality meat at prices I’m sure are less than local supermarkets… it was time to head out.

Thought I’d pop over to the Post Office in the Great Park village and enjoy a brew… unless Paul Wella has gone away again… which he had but hey, love the walk… shot the video above a couple of years ago.

windsor great park castle from near the village

As I got near the Post Office I asked the big man upstairs to give me a nice view of the castle when I reach the stump near the Copper Horse which has a brilliant view… just needed some more light so asked if he’d mind breaking the clouds a while and letting the sun through so I could get a great pic.

You ain’t gunna get close enough with that HTC One Jonny boy so I’ll see what else I can muster up must have been his thoughts 😉

windsor great park perfect view of windsor castle

Just before I got to the stump I noticed the deer herding and preparing to cross the Long Walk… had seen it once before, 20 years ago close up and personal so I said thank you for even my distant view and moved on smiling.

copper horse windsor great park

Turned left at the Copper Horse thinking I’d walk into town and back home along the river bank…

windsor great park deer main herd

As I strolled along I noticed the main herd over to the right a few hundred yards into the distance and a few stragglers stuck on the left hand side of the Long Walk wondering how they were going to get to their pals.

windsor great park deer left behind

Then there was a change and the stags decided they would take the herd back across to gather the stragglers and these two videos capture some of that action… far more majestic and organised in real life… what a sight!

This is like part 2 but Max was getting excited so I couldn’t stand still with camera!


windsor great park bunny what about me

And don’t forget this little fella who popped his head out while Max and I were on the home leg… didn’t bother going into town, wanted to get home to share this footage!


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