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Rick Astley – make him your number 1!

rick astley cd

Mate of mine Ray is Rick’s guitarist and tweeted out a plea for this pals to buy his new album this morning…

I’ve bought 3 already, but “I’m never gonna give you up” so figured, let’s ask Windsor.

I had suggested if we bought some he might rock up to Rotary’s Mid-Summer Fayre on 25th June in Alexandra Gardens and launch our duck race but apparently, when you’re almost No 1 around the world a few folk want you for interviews and his diary is full!

Told my mate, that’s OK cos we’ve got lots of local artists rocking out on our all new shiny bandstand 😉

I know you probably didn’t get to vote for Windsor in the Monopoly competition so Guildford won the day… apparently they’ve had 23 pre-orders… tee hee… should have made it Windsor.

So now is your chance to make up for that error and make a difference for all of us over 50 who even dreamed of playing to stadiums of thousands! If we don’t support an over 50 then some young whipper snapper, half his age will land the spoils.

It’s a bloody good album… so let’s be “together forever” in support of a rock legend with a unique story…


Thank you Windsor, we love you 😉

Jon, Ray and Rick too!

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