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Pizza Express Windsor – the healthy eating out option for those looking for one…

Pizza Express Windsor ali smile

On visiting Pizza Express Windsor on a sunny Saturday afternoon my mission was a healthy one… the morning feeding my search!

slimming world man of the year windsor

Saturday morning is my time for Slimming World where I go to talk with fellow fatties about how we have managed to resist or given into temptation during the previous week… talking with like minded folk helps keep us all on track, minimising the slip ups which are part of our being… the reason we carry a few extra pounds.

duck race windsor and eton rotary donald paul and lawrence

Then I spent 2 hours promoting this summer’s Duck Race… got your tickets yet? The money helps pay for the Christmas lights!

Popped over to Eton t-shirt company to get my father-in-law a birthday present and then on to Pizza Express to meet Ali and celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary 😉

Pizza Express Windsor ali smiling

I got there a tad early so ordered Garlic Bread with Mozarella (V) and a glass of red while I waited and reviewed the menu.

Pizza Express Windsor garlic bread with mozzarella

Ali eats at Pizza Express with friends on a regular basis but it’s been a few years since I crossed the threshold and I was surprised and relieved in equal measure at the focus on bringing out healthy options. Can I eat my fill and stay on plan? Let’s see…

Pizza Express Windsor 90th birthday

I recognised the (V) symbol for vegetarian options but there was a new kid in town, (GF) for Gluten-Free Choices. Pizza Express are making their own gluten-free bases and carrying gluten-free flour in their kitchens. My daughter struggles with this so I’m aware of the need for restaurants to take note.

Pizza Express Windsor families welcome

We’d chosen to dine early and there were many families enjoying the fabulous fayre… kids always need entertaining so having hats & colouring books makes great sense.

Pizza Express Windsor dinner is served

Ali went for Bosco salad with Polenta Chips, I wanted to try a few things so went for a healthy pizza, Leggera for under 500 calories! A superfood salad on the side and a pennette Bolognese chaser 😉

Pizza Express Windsor bosco salad with chicken

Bosco (V) – warm garlic closed cup mushroom, light mozzarella, artichoke, roasted tomatoes, baby spinach, rocket, balsamic syrup, honey & mustard dressing and dough sticks

Pizza Express Windsor polenta chips

Polenta Chips (V) – Italian polenta chips with rosemary, oven-baked and finished with Gran Milano cheese, served with a honey & mustard dressing dip.

Pizza Express Windsor leggera american hot pizza

Leggera American Hot – Pepperoni, light mozzarella and tomato, with hot green Roquito peppers 😉

Pizza Express Windsor leggera superfood salad

Leggera Superfood Salad (GF) (V) – A supefood mix of green lentils, black rice, edamame beans, red guinoa, chickpeas, cranberries, pumpkin seed and kale in a flavoursome vinaigrette on a bed of seasonal mixed leaves, rocket, cucumber, roasted red and yellow peppers, red onion and fresh parsley with a light house dressing.

Pizza Express Windsor Pennette Bolognese

Pennette Bolognese – A rich beef, porcini mushroom, tomato and garlic Bolognese sauce with pennette pasta, finished with Gran Milano cheese and fresh parsley

Pizza Express Windsor BaglioRe Shiraz

These were enjoyed with a nice bottle of Italian BaglioRe Shiraz.

What a fantastically “lite” evening meal that was. I so enjoyed the pizza and superfood salad, perfect for a superman 😉 which offered room for a small penne Bolognese chaser! Pretty sure, if you exclude the wine then I’d be on plan… I’m allowed a glass of red a day so 2/3 takes me over but hey, it was our anniversary xx

Ali thought the portion size was good and comes along regular because the cleanliness… she wasn’t so bothered about the Polenta chips so I helped see them off… Polenta is maize and so they weren’t real chips but the healthy alternative 😉

pizza express windsor alison pudding smile

Passionate Mess (V) – A tropical twist on the Eton mess, bright zingy passionfruit cream on a crumbly biscuit base with a top of broken meringue pieces.

Ali likes her puddings and loved this 😉

Pizza Express Windsor Leggera Tartufo Limoncello

Leggera Tartufo Limoncello (GF) (V) – Under 230 calories. Full of southern Italian flavours, creamy Sicilian lemon and Fior di Latte gelato with a liquid centre of limoncello

Well I had to try the healthy option 😉

The service was excellent… Sanya and her team welcoming us in and attentive to our needs… not that we’re terribly demanding!

Pizza Express Windsor team

So next time you are looking for a healthy option when it comes to eating out then give Pizza Express a try, you’ll not be disappointed.

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Thank you.


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