Rotary Youth Speaks District Final, Marlow

Trevelyan Middle School were competing in the Rotary Youth Speaks District Final last night at Great Marlow School and lost by a whisker… fantastic performance which got a special mention from the chairman of the judges Roger Clark, indicating that they were the runners up… well done Louis, Tallulah and Jakob.

Youth Speaks is an amazing competition where young people, in teams of 3, compete against other schools through a series of rounds, with the aim of getting to the national final.

In run this programme for Windsor & Eton Rotary Club with local schools and believe it is an activity that all students should participate in as it gives them confidence in a real world activity.

When I go to business meetings they never ask me what O levels I’ve got but if I present well, there is a good chance I will walk out with an order and can pay my monthly bills… love it.

Here is a link to a previous winning team from Trevelyan >>>

Those there last night heard Dominic Martin from Royal Grammar School B High Wycombe knock it out of the park in the senior competition on the topic of happiness… brilliant.

Picture is of Gillian Pearce, District Governor 1090, who wrapped things up with similar thoughts to myself on its value to the young people for future negotiations they may find themselves involved in.

Thank you.


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