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Windsor’s Got Talent Competition – We Need Your Support…

Windsor's Got Talent

Morning Windsor, would you like to see us run a Windsor’s Got Talent competition around Christmas 2019 at The Theatre Royal, Windsor? Well it’s simple, Windsor & Eton Rotary Club need sponsorship pledges, not cash at this time, to the tune of £6,000 to make this happen… read on…

In June 2019 Ralph Cooper, who used to run a butchers shop in Dedworth, will be President of Windsor & Eton Rotary Club and I will be his Vice President.

Ralph had a vision of getting the word out about Rotary by running a Windsor’s Got Talent event around the village halls and tea rooms across Windsor & Eton…

I had a word, explained about Facebook and that in today’s world, if you want to make people aware of your existence then you need to go large or go home… luckily enough he is willing to listen to me and he was happy for me to grab the reigns and crack on.

We need to raise money for the venue…

Now for this to happen we’d like to hire The Theatre Royal which costs a few quid, around £4k for a Sunday night!

We also need money for programmes and other things we haven’t thought of and so a pot of around £6k would make this first event possible.

Donations of prizes for the winners and runners-up will be sought later.

16 page programme – Front page, thank you page, 2 pages on Windsor Rotary Clubs, 2 centre pages programme of entertainment for evening, leaving 10 pages:

Back Page – £1,500
Inside Front Page – £1,000
Inside Back Page – £1,000
7 other pages – £500
Total revenue = £7,000

These sponsorship monies would pay for this event and tickets sales will give us investment for next year’s event or other such events going forward.

Theatre capacity – 600 @ £10 ticket = £6,000

What is Windsor’s Got Talent

Initially we would be looking for those in Windsor with talent to step up and show their talent via Facebook, Youtube and other social media… people who live in Windsor, with a modicum of talent… does that sound like you?

We will then have a page on the website from which to share everyone’s talent.

These pages will allow visitors to vote for their favourites… on a given date those with the highest votes would be invited to part of the main event at The Theatre Royal, Windsor around Christmas time 2019.

Each act would be asked which charities they would like to support, 3 max. For the grand finale, my thinking is voting could be done by mobile, with all the monies (less phone charges) split equally between the chosen charities for each act.

The act that raises the most funds either, before, on the night and post event will be the winner. We’ll work out an appropriate close date… the winner will be announced and, if the winner wishes, we will encourage those who have tuned in who are professionals in the entertainment biz to find a way to give them a break… happy days 😉

We would invite other local Rotary clubs, Windsor St George & Windsor Interact Club to get involved with this event.

Raising money for good causes whilst having fun… one of the Rotary rules 😉

So to make this at all possible, step 1 is that I need to be able to go to the Windsor & Eton Rotary Committee and say that we have the £6,000 sponsorship required to book the venue and launch Windsor’s Got Talent as an official event.

Could you please talk to businesses you know and get the owners or other decision makers to complete the form below, I will confirm their commitment and once we have the £6k we can get this party started.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Junior Vice President Windsor & Eton Rotary Club on behalf of Senior Vice President Ralph Cooper

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