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My first tarmac fix up Wolf Lane

wolf lane pathway fix

Today I saw the results of putting through a tarmac request for a local resident up Wolf Lane.

I was first made aware of the problems with the pathway via our WWRA – Ask Your Councillors Questions Facebook Group on 5th July. I popped up on the 7th July, took some pictures and forwarded them to Highways and asked them to take a look.

wolf lane path

Next time I hear about it is another post by the same person on a different Facebook Group! I guess if you respond to people via Facebook then they are likely to follow up the same way. Reinforces the need to have one channel for any formal communications and that really needs to be email.

tarmac wolf lane

The tarmac fix doesn’t look great and I will be having a word with the officers to see what they recommend. The path is a mess so any sort of fix will look shoddy, especially new against old, always highlights the difference. At least the deep gash trip hazard has been fixed.

Work is guaranteed for 12 months so let’s see how this rolls out…

Thank you.


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