Encourage Thoughtfulness on Social Media

Severn years ago I was the winner of Social Media Week’s Social Media Personality of the Year 2011 and a number of journalists got very jealous and became very aggressive on social media.

I had an theory based on social media people being so in a rush to be onto the next thing that if just 50 people voted for me then I might win… a month later I was crowned the winner 😉

These journalists, being weak bullies, didn’t express themselves individually but as a pack. Starting each day tweeting “Hello” to their core gang and then proceeding to pick on their target for the day… 14th March 2012 was my day, just before my birthday!

It hurt me at the time as I wasn’t used to people behaving that way… I have since grown to expect it from those who are jealous of me in some way, perhaps they feel a little inadequate around me 😉

In the more recent elections I came up with an anti-trolling idea which had the desired effect and again, on the 3rd May 2019 saw me crowned the winner…

cllr jon davey clewer and dedworth west rbwm

Councillor for Clewer & Dedworth West ward for the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.

Theresa May was obviously a great help but there was also so much trolling going on. I offered up a suggestion and the bait was taken, the resulting negativity by those involved lost them a safe blue seat. Had they been polite and thoughtful on social media I would not be there for the next 4 years to remind them of their stupidity.

Saying nasty words and being mean to people is very likely to reward the troll with poor health and far fewer real friends than they might have otherwise.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video in full on the work of Dr Emoto. He’s the reason I finish off all my emails with “thank you”.

Please show this video to young people who will understand its truth far easier than those already damaged by life. Especially the last page, hit pause, digest and reflect.

It’s OK though, should people start behaving more friendly, with sincerity, then they can probably go a long way to redeem themselves and live longer, happier lives.

Thank you.


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