Cllr Jon Davey Diary 29th July to 2nd Aug

Had to pop into town and so visited Brian at Snappy Snaps who always has something interesting to say. He went off on one so took this pic… he was talking about the video streaming of the last council meeting… pop in and ask him what he was gesticulating about 😉

Monday 29th July

christmas reindeer brs

It’s Christmas time… no it’s not it’s British Summer Time!

So stop worry about everything and just chill out for August as do you really matter that much… I mean at the office… obviously you do to your family, you are a very important to them… I’d like to say very, very important but you did eat the last Fererro Roche last Christmas!

It’s OK, redeem yourself and hang with them this summer to balance the books 😉

This Lion thing, not mad keen on it as it feels loaded at front end… great for the lion tamer! Got a better idea, shared it with those that can decide on next year’s Christmas programme… let’s see what rolls out…

Tuesday 30th July

Pete and Neil Walters The Limes

Popped out to see Pete at The Limes, leader of the new hub… he’s got it covered. He’s managed to get residents parking permits for the private housing on The Limes by getting support from other residents and being polite to councillors and officers… garnering 51% support for your idea will help you make the changes you might want to make in your immediate area.

Wednesday 31st July

battle monastery

Down to Hastings on Wednesday for business so that chewed the whole day! Visited Battle on the way back and got some pics of the monastery where Harold lost and eye and those pesky Europeans took the proverbial.

Shot a video before my meeting and talked about Boris… love him or hate him, he’s got gonads and that’s what we need right now…

Loved seeing this on my return… not that I’m big on double yellow lines but the residents were tired of fighting their way out, this makes it much safer.

wolf lane double yellow lines

Thursday 1st August

Thursday was a funny old day. This councillor thing can be very rewarding but there are always those looking to do what they can to nobble your progress. It’s so time consuming and very, very boring. The upshot, resolution, just ignore the haters and spread the love 😉

garden in bloom rbwm 2

Really enjoyed handing out the “Windsor in Bloom” Awards to a few folk… a few more to do… when they’re in and I’m out!

garden in bloom rbwm 1

Watching a video the other day on Gaia, it talked about how enjoying gardening is really good for your health!

5g 02 photo

What’s your understanding of 5G? I’m hearing mixed things so have taken the initiative to speak to O2 directly to get their take on what’s what. I invite you to send me your questions for my meeting early next week…

Friday 2nd August

Been hearing about Zero Joe’s and took the opportunity before my first appointment of the afternoon to drop by and find out more. A two minute video is a great way for people to understand a subject…

Make sure you pop in when you are passing and start thinking, “What could they get in for me that I would buy on a regular basis?”

Pete and Neil Walters The Limes

Neil Walter has been taking a pasting of late as those blumin parking machines come under his remit. We were meeting up with Pete at The Limes to finalise the parking zone for local residents. One happy resident just a few thousand to go!

I’ll write a blog on that alone but essentially there are a few thousand advantage cards that are in circulation that people haven’t used recently, so when they try and use them with the new machines they may not work… there is a relatively easy fix… blog coming soon…

lovejoy lane

Up to Bruce Walk, I’ve got a list as long as my arm of things that need tweaking and I have started the process. One major tweak is a big old tree, not the one above although that does need trimming back. Basic rules, in my head, might be a bit off, are 2m on pavement so that most people can walk underneath the branches quite safely… obviously no-one could walk under this one! 6m on the road.

RBWM have taken local garages and built houses, putting huge pressure on local parking and create conflict between unhappy residents! I’ll fix a few bits and then get people talking and agreeing what is fair and over a couple of years hopefully turn the clocks back “mentally” and create a happier community. That’s my vision…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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