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Is this Re-Cycling or just Fly Tipping at Sutherland Grange?

more litter at sutherland grange

How would you describe this mess to a young child interested in saving the planet? Saying it’s re-cycling and you are really not putting them on the right path are you?

Maintaining this monstrosity costs more and more as people get lazier and lazier…

There are those who think that doing more for lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless people is the answer to the problem… really?

Most things that get dumped here can already be taken away by the bin men on their weekly rounds… in September the new bin service will also include small electrical items like kettles and toasters.

That means that EVERYTHING you are allowed to “re-cycle” at Sutherland Grange can be done on your door step, via the bins you already have on your drive way… you don’t have to travel to Sutherland Grange to dispose of any of your rubbish.

Sutherland Grange overflowing 3

So really, the only people this helps dispose of rubbish are the lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless people who are looking for a free ride off the back of local residents!

Do you want to pay for these lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless people to dump their crap at the entrance to your local park?

It costs a minimum of £70 each time a cleaner comes down to do a bit of tidying up… hundreds of pounds when there is more than just a few bits and just imagine the cost when the bigger truck has to roll up with more people… same for when the chaps come to collect sofas, fridges and other large items that people were too lazy, inconsiderate and thoughtless to take down the road to the main Waste & Recycling Centre at Maidenhead.

Do you take stuff down Sutherland Grange? Most of the people dumping there are probably from out of the local area. They may be dumping waste from jobs they have just done locally but don’t want to pay commercial waste rates and so simply dump it as they leave the area.

sutherland grange bins

On one inspection, this rotary saw was just dumped… an accident waiting to happen!!!!

If you want the area to be spotless, emptied every day and all the litter picked up within hours of lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless people dropping more of their crap off then, as I see it there are two options:

A. Allow £140 per day (50k per year) for a daily collection of whatever your lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless “neighbour” has chosen to dump there that day rather than include with their own bin collections or take it to Stafferton Way Recycling Centre.


B. Have the re-cycling bins removed so this is no longer a general dumping ground.

fence at sutherland grange

Experience suggests where re-cycling bins have been removed elsewhere in the RBWM, that there is no more dumping of waste by lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless people. The Mayor of Eton, Ron Lewandowski, told me they have had no problems with fly tipping since re-cycle bins were removed.

We can spend circa £50k a year on clearing up after lazy, inconsiderate, thoughtless people or that money could be spent on adding value in some way to the local community.

£50k is currently the total annual budget for equipping and maintaining our play parks in the RBWM.

We will be conducting a 3 month trial of the removal of the bins down Sutherland Grange and let’s see what happens next…

Thank you.


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