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Building Community Hubs One Street at a Time

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On every street there are those that are first to stand up and be counted, getting things organised, followed by a crowd of willing supporters… and then there are those that have a good moan!

The “Adopt-a-Street” scheme has been open for a number of years and yet looking at the online map there appear to be limited registrations for the Windsor area? I was expecting to see more in West Windsor for some reason!

I know lots of young people go out cleaning the streets without a song and a dance and I’d love to see these community minded young people stepping up and leading the way 😉

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I’m visualising “adopt-a-street” as more than just litter… more of a community hub where someone is the go to person for that street to do with a whole variety of topics. They can then filter the information back to other residents by walking the streets, having coffee mornings, community gatherings, etc.

We will provided access to the right officers at RBWM to get things organised. If someone needs a little extra help then the local wardens can be called on to help. Local people working together to help each other out with the assistance of RBWM resources as required.

To my mind, this is what builds community… would you agree?

Giving all residents young & older have a chance to be heard and their opinions sort. So often something can be published in the local newspaper, shared on social media and still people say to me they haven’t heard about x, y or z.

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Those that step up of good heart will lead the way into the future… age is not a determinant of who leads, character is key. A parent may have to fill in the form for legal reasons but I’m happy for young people with a passion for getting things done to step up and be counted.

If greedy people step up to take the post just to prevent others from leading the way then they will be soon found out and the recognition deferred to someone who the locals on the street agree should lead the way.

Some streets already have their own residents group, please ask them to step up.

Here is the content from the main RBWM website and the link through to the registration form that takes 2 mins to complete but does need someone over 18 to fill it in.

I look forward to liaising with those of you who step up to the plate and want to help improve your immediate area for the benefit of the wider community.

The scheme has over 1,500 volunteers across the borough including local schools, community groups and businesses as well as many local residents all committed to spreading the anti-litter message.

Adopt-a-Street encourages local people to volunteer to care for their communities and local environment through collecting litter from their local streets and areas. Volunteering for this scheme will not mean a reduction in the council’s street cleaning schedules, it will compliment and enhance this service.

How it Works
You can choose the area you want to “adopt” and when you want to volunteer. The council will help you by providing a litter picking kit, including a litter picker, gloves, and a tabard, and basic written health and safety guidance is provided. It is a fantastic opportunity for all residents and other groups to get involved in looking after their local area.

“Adopt-a-Street is the perfect way of reinforcing the council’s zero tolerance policy on litter. It also encourages a real sense of civic pride among volunteers in their own neighbourhoods”.

Residents or groups interested in joining the Adopt-a-Street scheme should complete the on-line registration form.

Thank you.


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