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Cllr Jon Davey Diary 5th to 10th August

sidmouth tide out july

Here comes the summer… time to chill out and take it easy for a few weeks, recharge the batteries and get ourselves back in a zen space 😉

We were lucky enough to have 2 years in Sidmouth, Devon and I was able to enjoy this view on most any day I chose! I’d recommend taking a long rest-byte to anyone who finds themselves working way too hard. It really does invigorate you onto bigger and better things. You don’t have to believe me, try it for yourself…

Monday 5th August

Cllr Helen Price, Cllr Karen Davies and myself had a meeting with officers and Cllr David Cannon, Lead Member Public Protection called by Helen to discuss the drug problem in Windsor and what is being done to combat it. RBWM are taking a holistic approach with Police enforcement at one end, Police diversion towards social solutions that can help with education & prevention and increasing support for drug addicts as society views them as victims. The message from Anyone’s Child appears to be getting through.

anyones child team

I’ve been giving out a few awards around the area to Gardens in Bloom and I do like an alternative solution. One where the person behind it has done something a bit special which most would not bother with, feeling it’s too much hassle. Hats off to Gina…

regina garden in bloom award 2

Tuesday 6th August

I had a meeting with senior figures at O2 to find out more about 5G. There’s lots of information floating around and as with most topics, I do like to hear what a real mix of people have to say so I can constantly refine & reform my opinion. That way I can then get passionate about a topic and generate the internal energy to do something about it, or not as the case may be.

the value of 5g for cities and communities O2

O2 have recently launched their Smart Cities Report – The Value of 5G for Cities & Communities download your copy above.

Wednesday 7th August

I had a meeting up at Wolf Lane with one of the officers about a little strip of tarmac… who knew a bit of old bitumen could cause such a furore! Anyway, should be all sorted in more ways than one and the pathway will be all refreshed and looking like new before Christmas.

wolf lane pathway fix

Had hoped to get to a SMART Cities meeting in Reading Wednesday evening but with the subs on holiday, got myself along to the Windsor Area Development Management Panel. My approach to these meetings is to listen to all sides and make my own mind up on what feels right, as it should be. One of the appeals created for a good little debate amongst councillors. The proposed tweaks to an existing building looked really good in my eyes but others judged it differently and went with the planning officer’s recommendation to refuse. I do like a good debate where democracy can be seen to be done. You can hear it here…

Thursday 8th August

People think it is all fine and dandy to turn their garden into a parking bay and then simply drive up the kerb, over the pavement and onto their ex-garden. That is not so, it is illegal to drive up a kerb unless you use a dropped kerb to get where you are going. That goes for parking on the street pavement, you should access via a drop kerb and if a policeman sees you, you could get a ticket.

pavement parking

But then it can bite you in the bum in different ways if you install a parking area and haven’t got permission for / installed a dropped kerb… street furniture can be put on the pavement where there isn’t a dropped curb. Just trying to resolve an issue for a resident, not sure they have given me many legs to stand on but I’ll do what I can to find a solution.

Lesson here… get permission or face a potential headache which might have you “bitumen” for years!

world environmental health day windsor

We’ve got a date for the unveiling of the Ecological Survey of Hemwood Dell which we commissioned to add another protective layer for local residents and to give Jason more data and evidence for his countryside research on RBWM.

Will be fascinating to hear their findings as I’ve never heard a report on ecology before and I do love me trees. If you want to join us then book in for Hemwood Dell Ecological Survey Presentation on World Environmental Health Day at Wyevales.

Friday 9th August

Richard Endacott, Chair of WWRA has been thinking about a Windsor Town Council for years and the election results have given him the foundations to move on this idea. I agree, we should have another layer of governance protecting the interests of the non parished areas of Windsor if RBWM is favouring Maidenhead at Windsor’s expense.

I’m currently exploring the financial aspects of that thinking and will make my findings known as officers report back to me.

windsor town petition daljit

Meeting next Friday 16th August at the Guildhall.

I’m not so keen on the idea of the old guard, who have brought about the need for an additional layer to take care of residents’ interests, to lead the way. Any NEW Windsor Town Council needs to be formed by those who are not politically driven but very much about the community.

Saturday 10th August

Needed to get the newsletter done as busy tomorrow… family time gets to the top of the agenda 😉

Enjoy your summer break.

I’ll not do a weekly email over the summer but simply post random blog posts as I have something to say… sign up to get my blogs via email top right.

Thank you.


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