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Capital Scheme Request for 20 Buddy Benches for Clewer and Dedworth West

20 buddy benches clewer and dedworth west

Capital Scheme Requests need to be in by 31st August and so your feedback is requested this Bank Holiday Monday… thank you.

If we had more street benches around Clewer and Dedworth West, that were brought to life like the horses & lions recently positioned around the town, do you think they would encourage the local population to spend a few minutes each day talking to their neighbours and improve the community health & wellbeing?

There is an age old adage that “a problem shared is a problem halved” and this is evidenced by life today where people talk less and less face to face, preferring to share their views & feelings on social media and the increasing need for the NHS to provide services like “ NHS Talking Therapies”.

In schools they are called “Buddy Benches” and I feel this term can be extended to the wider community, although another name may be found that better represents the bringing together of the local people of all ages to chat and discuss a range of topics that interest those on the bench at the time 😉

The benches need not be brightly decorated, the style would be chosen by those requesting the bench.

Would you like to see these buddy benches in Clewer & Dedworth and potentially the wider community should they prove a success?

The benches including installation have been costed by RBWM officers at approximately £1000 each. I would therefore be looking to request a budget of £20,000 for around 20 benches to be installed at locations chosen by residents, where a majority of residents on a street area are in favour of these being installed… they will not be forced on a community area.

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan, the benchmark for any capital funding requests, in my opinion allows for these buddy benches as they will bring community together for a leisure activity, in some way compensating for the lack of open space and potentially saving money on health & wellbeing.

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan

1.4.3 The spatial vision and objectives form Section 4 of the BLP, and the relevant spatial objectives for infrastructure comprise: Objective 10 Open space and leisure – To provide adequate open space for planned development and appropriate leisure and recreation facilities: – (i) Ensure that new development contributes to providing open space within new development – (ii) Maintain and enhance leisure and recreation facilities

3.2.4 Fig 8, provides £1.6m for public realm and environmental improvements specifically in Windsor

3.6.3 The Borough Open Space Audit (2008) assessed the provision of public and private spaces across the Borough. It found that the Borough has a deficit of approximately 45 hectares when the total amount of open space is compared to the recommended local standard for open space typologies.

3.7.9 The Open Space Audit identified that the capacity of space for young people (aged 13 years and over) was insufficient, with a capacity of 0.17 facilities per 1,000 young people and recommended that a standard of 0.23 facilities per 1,000 young people is adhered to. Facilities for young people are generally taken to include more informal, playable spaces, MUGAs, and facilities such as skate parks and bike tracks.

3.15.2 Healthier lifestyles are promoted as a means to reducing reliance on healthcare services. In July 2010 the Government published its White Paper ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’ setting out plans to restructure the NHS. Following the publication of the paper, the introduction of ‘The Health and Social Care Act’23 resulted in the transfer of responsibility for commissioning the majority of health care services.

3.18.20 The Planning Obligations SPD sets out a number of proposed schemes across the Borough as part of the Local Cultural Strategy and Maidenhead Area Action Plan which focus on improving and expanding community facilities, development of youth and community provision and a new community and conference facility as part of Maidenhead Area Action Plan.

Berkshire NHS run Talking Therapies for mental health problems, physical illness, after difficult life events, over 65s and a bunch of other needs…

Thank you.


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