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Conservatives Pull Plug on Trial Removal of “Re-Cycling Centre” at Sutherland Grange

Ignoring the wishes of many of the local residents of Clewer & Dedworth, Cllr Samantha Rayner (who lives in Horton) and Cllr Gerry Clark (who lives in Cookham Dean) have pulled the trial removal of the “Re-Cycling Centre” at Sutherland Grange aka Dedworth dump.

Despite strong representations from WWRA and tBf to remove the ever present mess that is currently classified as a “Re-cycling Centre” at Sutherland Grange, the Conservative administration have now decided to pull the plug on a trial removal at the 11th hour.

Sutherland Grange overflowing 3

When I asked Cllr Clark why? He responded, “The Sutherland Grange site has suffered from overflowing bins and fly tipping. The initial proposal was for a temporary closure however after we spoke, I received email’s from residents asking for the site to remain open, so we have reconsidered.”

I have asked for copies of these emails as they pertain to my ward and I will report on their quantity.

I have pointed out to him that everything that can be “re-cycled” at Sutherland Grange can be done from the kerbside from September as announced by him back in June.

Sutherland Grange overflowing 3

Cllr Samantha Rayner response was “There is also a letter in today’s Maidenhead Advertiser”

… from a chap in Holyport!

The first I knew of its cancellation was an email yesterday from the officer I had been liaising with and then today I received a rather timely phone call from Baylis Media… all a bit too fast, would have preferred time to reply and discuss the decision with the conservative leads.

bins at sutherland grange

Although I still firmly believe that the trial would have been a success, the good news is, the fact that we have drawn attention to the problems at Sutherland Grange, it would seem that we have finally got the attention of the powers that be to address this issue.

If the site is to remain then we must ensure it is managed effectively.

If you are sick and tired of seeing Sutherland Grange looking like a dump then please, Please, PLEASE email, text or write to Cllr Clark & Cllr Rayner copying me in

Councillor Gerry Clark – Conservative
Lead Member Sustainability, Waste Services and Economic Development
Bisham and Cookham

Mobile: 07811 974453

Councillor Samantha Rayner – Conservative
Deputy Chairman of Cabinet, Culture, Communities and Windsor (incl. Customer and Business Services)
Eton and Castle Ward

Mobile: 07811 974442

Recycling centres have been successfully removed from Eton and Ascot.

I have asked them to explain to me in detail how they plan to manage the Sutherland Grange “Re-Cycling Centre” and I will update you with their feedback.

I have advised the only way for this area to be managed is by daily cleaning or twice weekly with man guarding… a very expensive recycling centre that offers no added value to local residents as SERCO will now pick up EVERYTHING that can be processed here.

I will be posting pictures of its condition on a regular basis to remind residents who is allowing our beautiful Sutherland Grange to be less than its best.

Thank you.


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