Dog Activity Trail – What does YOUR dog enjoy?

Hi, I’ve been asked by officers for feedback on the proposed Victoria Park Dog Activity Trail and I suggested asking dog groups for their thoughts and feedback.

– Could you suggest dog clubs that we should approach in and around Windsor?

– If you own a dog that would enjoy this trail, what would he / she ideally like to see added to the list below?

1 x two parallel sets of 6 weaves
1 x dog walk
1 x table top
1 x jump in the box
1 x jump around
1 x simple tunnel (not up and over)
1 x a basic oak bench (no back), carved with a dog theme
1 x A1 composite aluminium sign with information about the course

The project was originally suggested as part of the ‘Bright Ideas’ scheme by a local school girl, and has since been further developed in partnership with ‘Canine Therapy’, war dogs charity, the Rotary Club of Windsor St. George and Groundwork South. We aim to implement the project later this year.

Your thoughts please… I will pass them on to the officer in charge to make contact with the dog clubs and I know he’ll appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.


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