A308 Corridor Review call to Community Groups

There is now an interactive map for the A308 Corridor Review consultation.

I am looking to talk to as many Parish councillors and community group chairs as possible based along the A308 from Bisham to Staines.

This piece of infrastructure is a main artery for local residents and, especially during the summer, with holiday makers coming to visit Windsor and it’s surrounding area, it is vital that we keep it as free flowing as possible.

As RBWM Councillor for Clewer & Dedworth West with the planned AL21 & AL22 developments on my patch, I am very keen to ensure the A308 Corridor Review gathers as much information as possible so it can come to the best conclusions as regards infrastructure solutions to alleviate pressure on this road.

With government requirements for ever more housing and Heathrow planning a 3rd runway, the resulting pressure could potentially, most likely will, bring the A308 to a standstill.

Normal research only brings in headline facts and the RBWM’s new Infrastructure and CIL Manager is keen to ensure as much “real life” data as possible is gathered and sifted in the process.

For the first round of meetings we are looking to communicate with Parish Councils and Community Groups who are impacted directly by the A308. Feeding through the Parish Councillors or chairs of community groups means that the information is discussed & delivered in a structured rather than emotional way and this means we can get the best results for all.

The findings will obviously be shared with the wider community and individuals will have a chance to input but any immediate contributions are best managed through your Parish / Town councils and Community Group chairs in the first instance.

So please complete the form below if you are part of a community group (Parish Councils are known to the Borough already) and we can then communicate the planned approach and arrange meetings with those of you who would like to have their feelings known.

Thank you.


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