Remember Loved Ones at the Sutherland Grange Christmas Remembrance / Thanks Giving Area

Christmas is a time of year when we remember loved ones sadly no longer physically with us. Still in our hearts, we often speak to them in our heads throughout the year, a loving thought, maybe looking for a little guidance. Christmas gives us the perfect time to have a proper remembrance and say a heart felt thank you for being part of our lives…

Some of us may choose to toast every single one of them, maybe twice 😉

Others may prefer to write a little letter and mail it to their local DJ! Hey why not write a note and peg it to the string in our remembrance / thanks giving area?

Choirs may like to give thanks with a song… come and enjoy the area, sing a few carols with your friends and family at a time that suits you and bring the area to life.

sutherland grange christmas remembrance thanks giving area

Our dogs may prefer to howl at some of our singing but hey, they can join in too… when my granddad’s dog Penny died when I was 8 or 9, it was the first grief I’d thankfully had to deal with, having both sets of grandparents back then and I cried for days. I made this two sided card and produced a 1000 copies to remember my grandfather at his funeral… see if you can spot me?

granddad davey happy days

Please bring your family down and leave a message for a loved one or write a thank you note, to celebrate having a great life…

remembrance notes christmas sutherland grange

The tree has been kindly supplied by Windsor Garden Centre on Dedworth Road and installed by Simon and his little helper 😉

simon and helper

In the perfect world the electrics will all be plugged in on Tuesday… and set on a timer to be lit up from 3pm to 12am.


I know for the last few years there has been a tree on the Dedworth roundabout near Horlers. When I asked officers about it, the main man in highways said,
“I appreciate that this makes me sound like the Grinch, but installing a Christmas tree on the central island of this roundabout would be contrary to road safety advice from the Department for Transport, as there is a risk associated with placing anything on the highway that could be considered a distraction. Also, my understanding is that it is likely to require temporary planning permission. Whilst I appreciate that there may be a precedent from previous years, now that I have been asked, it’s not something that I would support.”

As a Councillor I should listen to the advice given and make a judgement call. My decision is that my conscience really doesn’t need to be responsible for someone being injured on Dedworth roundabout this Christmas… I recall seeing, with my own eyes, the Christmas tree fallen to one side, obstructing the road one year…

The solution I have come up with, I hope you agree, is a much better location for the tree and with the added remembrance, thanksgiving area, the local population can get much more enjoyment from it.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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