The world is changing… time to reflect on our actions… enjoy our gardens but allow for a little imperfection…

Donna Stimson, who is leading the way on all things environmental and generally spends 80 hours a week trying to help all the residents of RBWM live a greener and more environmentally friendly life style posted this earlier today and I wasn’t shocked.

It underlines that people are not getting it… we on on lock down, do your garden but set aside an area for the green waste to decompose as the green bins are not going to be collected… removing a few leaves and sticks is not life threatening but not removing normal waste could be… so ask yourself, do you want your black and blue bins emptied?

If YOU were getting abused by residents for something that is completely out of your control then how would you deal with it? Would you take your bat home? Would you go on the sick and say, sod ’em, they can sort it out themselves?

Please, please, please, take a chill pill, ask yourself what is important and next time your see them, if you were one of the moaners, then apologise and say thank you for helping me keep my house clean of waste… ‘cos if you don’t there might not be anyone willing to empty your bin and personally I wouldn’t blame them.

bin men serco

On Wednesday I posted this photograph of three of our Serco workers as they went about their job with good cheer. I am sharing this today as I am really dismayed to hear that some our workers in Environmental Services are actually receiving some abuse from residents. Our call centre is also being inundated by angry callers.

Please, residents, this is an unprecedented time. We are doing our best to keep you safe. We do not have the staff to continue with green waste collections, and will extend your contract by the weeks we miss. If the bins are not returned to exactly the same position please collect your bin, and return it to its place, and REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS. Some of the workers are reminding the residents they see to wash their hands – but these chaps touch 2000 bins a day. Spare a thought for them!

Donna Stimson, Cabinet Member, Environmental Services, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Thank you


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