Windsor Needs a few more Volunteers

Good morning Windsor

Do you live on any of the streets below and would you be willing to volunteer to help if help was needed?

This list of streets covered was provided by the Windsor (U.K.) Community Emergency Plan Volunteers as the new RBWM Official Community Hub is literally that, new.

If you are part of a group already organised on a street below then do let us know via the form at the bottom of this page and I will relay that back to RBWM.

If not and you’d like to get involved then please visit the RBWM Official Covid-19 Community Hub page and complete the relevant form.

Thank you.

Albion Place (Alma Road)
Alden View (Clifton Rise)
Amberley Place (town Centre)
Beaumont Road (St Leonards Rd)
Birchington Road (Imperial Road)
Black Horse Close (Gallys Road)
Bowes Lyon Close
Bradshaw Close (Gallys road)
Burnham Close (Poolmans)
Burton Way (Clewer Hill Road)
Butlers Close (Gallys Road)
Byron Court (Clewer hill Road)
Camm Avenue (Foster Avenue)
Carey Close (Bulkeley)
Calvary Crescent
Chariotts Place (town Centre)
Charles Street
Charlton Place (Broom Farm)
Charles Street(Broom Farm)
Charlton Place(Broom Farm)
Charlton Row(Broom Farm)
Charlton Square(Broom Farm)
Charlton Walk(Broom Farm)
Charlton Way(Broom Farm)
Church Close
Church Lane
Church Street
Combermere Close (Springfield Road)
Conifer Walk (Near Windsor Marina)
Copper Beach Crescent (Ruddlesway)
Cross Oak (Dedworth Road)
Dean Close (White Horse)
Dedworth Drive
Down Place (oakley court)
Dyson Close (Bulkeley)
Edinburgh Gardens (Osborne Rd)
Ellison Close (Cliewer Hill Rd)
Fawcett Road (Clarence Road)
Firs Avenue (Hatch Lane)
Foster Ave (Wolf Lane)
Frymley view (Ruddlesway)
Furness Place (Broom Farm)
Furness Row (Broom Farm)
Furness Square (Broom Farm)
Furness Walk (Broom Far)
Furness Way (Broom Farm)
Fydlers Close (Woodside)
Garfield Place (Russell Street)
Gatehouse Close (Stag meadow)
Goswell Hill (town centre)
Gratton Drive (St Leonards Hill)
Greenacre (Dedworth Road)
Guards Walk (Broom Farm)
Gwynne Close (Longmead)
Hanley Close (Gallys Road)
Hanover Close (Vale Road)
Hanover Way (Vale Road)
Harcourt Road (Smiths Lane)
High Street
Homers Roa (Gallys Road)
Jacob Close (Longmead)
James Street (off Victoria St)
Keeler Close (Foster Ave)
Kenneally Close (Broom Farm)
Kenneally Place (Broom Farm)
Kenneally Road (Broom Farm)
Kenneally Walk (Broom Farm)
Kiln Lane (Woodside)
Kingsfield (Pierson Road)
Kiln Lane (Woodside)
Knights Place (St Leonards Rd)
Leigh Square (White Horse Road)
Liddell Place (Broom Farm)
Liddell Square (Broom Farm)
Liddell Way (Broom Farm)
Little Buntings (Clewer Hill Road)
Lovejoy Lane (Tinkers Lane)
Lovel Road (Cranbourne)
Luff Close(Foster Ave)
Lyell Place East (Broom Farm)
Lyell Place West (Broom Farm)
Lyell Walk East (Broom Farm)
Lyell Walk West (Broom Farm)
Madeira Walk (town centre )
Main Road, nr Squires (any houses?)
Mansell Close (nr Smiths Lane)
Marbeck Close (off Gallys Rd)
Market Street (cobbled streets)
Martin Close (off Ruddlesway)
Mayfield Drive (Clewer Hill Road)
Merwin Way (White Horse Rd)
Morris Court (Smiths Lane)
Nicholls Walk (Broom Farm Est)
North Close (Smiths Lane)
Osborne Mews (St Leonards Rd)
Osborne Road
Park Corner (Clewer Hill road)
Pococks Lane
Potbury Close (Woodside)
Prince Consort Cottages (Alexandra Rd)
Princess Avenue (Bulkeley)
Queen Charlotte Street (town centre)
Romney Lock Road (Datche Rd)
Rutherford Close (Vale Close)
Rycroft (Clewer hill Road)
Rydings (Clewer Hill Road)
Sawyers Close (Maidenhead Rd)
Selwyn Close (Dedworth Road)
Sidney Road (Broom Farm)
Spinners Walk (St Leonards rd)
Springfield Close (Springfield Rd)
St Albans Close (cobbled streets)
St Albans Street (cobbled streets)
St Georges Close (Smiths Lane)
St Johns Road (Hatch Lane)
Surly Hall Walk (Hanover Way)
Tarbay Lane (Oakley Green Rd)
Thames Avenue (Datchet Road)
Thames Mead (Smiths Lane)
Thames Side (riverside near station)
Thames Street (town centre)
The Hatch (Maidenhead road – Windsor Marina
The Limes (Dedworth road)
The Ridings (Maidenhead Road)
The Willows (Maidenhead Road)
Toonagh (Maidenhead road)
Tozer Walk (Tinkers Lane)
Tyrell Gardens (Clewer Hill Road)
Ward Royal
Wells Close (Maidenhead Road)
William Street (town centre)
Wilton Crescent
Winkfield Lane
Wright Square (Broom Farm)
Wright Way (Broom Farm)

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