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UNIFI – Bringing Families Together to Tell Stories

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Windsor & Eton Rotary Club have sponsored the production and distribution of 100 packs of the UNIFI card game to help alleviate some of the stresses that families might be feeling at this time of Covid-19.

UNIFI has been created by a Young Enterprise team based in Slough with a mission to bridge the gap between generations, improve wellbeing and bring happiness to all through their simple, fun-filled card game aimed to be played by people of all ages.

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UNIFI’s card game consists of five colour coded categories:
‘Let’s Get Talking’ (yellow) which includes general conversation starters which can be answered by any age group
‘Keep Active’ (green) which offers fun activities to do with loved ones
‘Memory: Past and Future’ (blue) which includes targeted questions to the older generation about their past and flipped questions to the younger generation about their future
‘Learn the Lingo’ (pink) which incorporates differences in language and sayings between generations
‘Music’ through the years (orange) which features a little game to guess the link between two songs from different decades!

Download free their UNIFI Self Isolation Activity Pack

unifi card game pack

I always remember my grandfather telling us stories after lunch, if he was in the mood, we’d await the next tale with bated breath… I’m 55 now and with technology all around us, family members disappear into their own worlds and it would seem, many people are feeling very lonely, even with a loving family around them.

Could playing UNIFI help bring families closer?

I saw the game demonstrated at a Young Enterprise heat in Windsor, which they won and looking at Twitter, the team has since gone on to win the Area Final, which means that they have advanced to the Regional Finals! I hope to go further…

If you are part of a multi-generational household at this time please claim your FREE UNIFI pack, sponsored by Windsor & Eton Rotary Club, during May…

Just fill in the form below and say thank you by posting pictures of your family playing the game on social media using the #UNIFIROTARY … if you don’t know what that sentence means, don’t worry, the younger members of your family will.

PRIVACY POLICY: I will send the relevant information on to our dispatchers and to the UNIFI team and then I will delete your details.

Come June we will give the remaining packs to UNIFI team to sell and distribute in their normal way.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Chair of Youth Committee
Windsor & Eton Rotary Club

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