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Social Media can be really helpful at times…


While you can use LinkedIn for your sales lead generation, I have found that it can be very useful when you really need some help… making it my go to when I want to find people who could potentially help in a meaningful way…

In the Summer of 2013, while watching the riots in Brazil on the BBC my son (13) asked me, “Why are they rioting because the bus fares have gone up?”

This led to me asking the question of the 5,000 members of my Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group “What is happening in Brazil?” and the 60,000 or so members of the Rotary International Group… read what some had to say below…

The feedback made me realise how important it is to get as close to the source as possible and not rely on the words of consultants miles away from the epicenter!

Last summer we were looking for accommodation in Bristol for my son to finish his Masters and I posted the following on my blog and shared it with 20 1st level contacts in Bristol and a few Bristol Facebook & LinkedIn Groups…

The result of me sharing was a fantastic… a quay side flat for my boy and a few thousand pounds saved for the family coffers thanks to the generosity of a couple of great guys in Bristol making it happen 😉 And by way of a bonus, Charlie earned a 2.1 Master in Anthropology & Innovation.

bristol flat charlie

Most recently, my first thought on reading on Facebook about a friend being unable to contact his wife who was trekking in Morocco was LinkedIn.

I searched for local Rotary Clubs and those involved in the trekking business in Toubal… I sent 20 messages out and got 7 back within 12 hours, 5 with useful information and contact numbers which I relayed to my friend.

For me, receiving two messages reassuring us that few had been injured and no tourists hurt was just amazing… the next day contact was made, spouses spoke, as the road to the remote village opened up.


Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Don’t just think of LinkedIn as a lead generation source… next time you need some help with something more important, give it a go 😉

Thank you.


Carnival Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash

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