Almost Frontline Retail – 13th to 16th May 2020

So many compliments from the public saying how they feel Tesco Windsor has done a good job of getting organised around Covid-19 to help shoppers feel more at ease. The one-way system, only allowing a few people in, the management of stock and friendliness of staff.

One way you can say thank you is to ask the checkout assistant for a customer feedback voucher, which you complete online and earns you 25 club card points into the bargain! With the potential to win much more… you need your till receipt so the system can match the teller with the purchase to ensure no gaming of the process.

Most of the tellers are shy about asking customers to fill out the form. It’s not in their nature to be pushy, they just want to be helpful and so please ask for a form (they are very small) when you are next in shopping and give them a top score as Tesco use this mechanic to compare the Windsor store with others in the South and obviously we want to be in the top 10… with your help we can be… thank you.

copper horse to windsor castle

Do it for Windsor 😉

So what’s been going on? I made some notes on the checkout this week… obviously you don’t need to read it all unless you want to, cherry pick the funny bits 😉 Added a few pics from my walk last week to add a little something… enjoy…

jon tesco checkout short

First note I wrote on Wednesday 13th was that 3 people positioned their trolleys correctly without need for further instruction… gold stars to them. I need to do a video of this to help others. Simply trying to maximise the space for all parties; them, me and those on the next till.

I mentioned the app for collecting club card points to a chap, his response “Pen and paper man, no apps!”

Two customers were very excited that Boris had let them out to play golf and were chomping at the bit to hit the golf course.

One old chap comes along and I start to share the positioning instructions, “I know you like the sound of your own voice but I don’t, I find it grating!” That told me, Mr Marmite 😉

Teacher comes along, hates teaching online and can’t wait to get back in the classroom. Within minutes, like buses, another teacher, deputy head tells me about, “Rule 26, don’t teach the curriculum!” while trying to get her head around re-designing the school for the children to come back.

Time for Council Meeting… I asked about schools, housing market and what the term “smarter measures” in relation to social distancing meant in the Governments 50 page solution document. Not sure I got the answer but I’ll write in and ask for clarity.

Reflecting on how things have changed over the last few weeks. Most people are more relaxed, or seem it and are definitely more willing to be instructed in the art of social distancing on checkout 5 😉 That’s most but not all!

windsor castle

Thursday 14th May, early birds choose their checkout and I invariably get there early as is my nature. I like to balance the left and right in my twisting action on the checkout, so different tills each day.

Much conversation around Boris’ speech on Sunday night. Mostly negative with a few supporters keeping the faith.

A number of residents haven’t been out for a while. They have been isolating and let others do their shopping. “They mean well but they just don’t get the right things!”

“Morning, not seen you in a while, how’s the wife?” asks one elderly customer of another. “Been dead 20 years!” comes the reply… had to smile 😉

It’s funny how those wearing full protection gear are the ones that get too close to you and I have to ask them to move this way or that… most abide, a few protest… and breathe.

In the quiet moments we get to have a few words with our colleagues. “You’ve given out more of those cards this morning than I’ve given out since I’ve been here!” Says Ann, who has been around a little longer than me.

Lady in full protection … I explain about positioning, “I don’t like it when you tell me what to do!” None of us do but it’s for everyone’s protection, she was all hot and bothered in her Covid kit…

Young lad comes in buying a card and flowers, “Good lad I say, for your mum?” “No, for my granddad to give to my nanna 😉 ”

queen and big ted

Friday 15th up early to watch a council meeting that happened the night before. Lots of questions to be answered out of that… anyway, back to the day job…

Must be a pile of pens under my car seat, I’m sure I put a pen in my pocket this morning before setting off… anyway, a bottle of water and a new pen to start the day. Night crew are a happy bunch, hello, y’alright, hello…

Lots of geraniums being sold and I start wondering what our Countryside Manager would think of what folk plant in their garden.

Decided on a toasted marmalade sandwich on my tea break. Fuel for bears 😉

Young chap said he’d thought about applying to Tescos a few weeks back when it all started but hadn’t. Hesitation means you miss opportunity… you learn that the hard way but once learned, you crack on.

Roads are way busier! Boris has given folk the opportunity to think for themselves and lacking common sense, many are just getting back to driving around with no real purpose… bad move.

Do you tell a customer when they smell of P? Always cheerful, obviously lost his sense of smell! What do you do?

Lady who had had two hip replacements… guessing one each side, struggling to control her trolley. “You should have swapped it out.” “I know but I just wanted to get round… wish I had!” I got one of the guys to fetch a new trolley so last leg of her journey was more enjoyable.

“Now if that bag had been Tesco we could have swapped out for FREE!” 😉

Till now asks if you want a receipt if purchase is less than say £30. Some folk want receipts as they actually do check everything as they don’t trust banks. Others want to save trees…

Lady mentions she can’t get the proper flour to make bread anywhere. “Try the Italian shop over Maidenhead.” says next customer, offloading her trolley. “Excellent shop, and live yeast.” says another customer on the next checkout. Yeast is rare as hens teeth. Community at work.

Those with dead batteries in their pocket are on a mission, Covid-19 or no Covid-19, they’ll be depositing their batteries in the bins… swoosh they go, past those waiting without a second thought!

“Have you seen that rack of baby clothes near the newspapers?” I offer to a lady with a baby. “I’ll have a look, I’m OK as I’ve got an older daughter but my friend is on her first and finding it very difficult to get clothes. Thank you.”

More kids are coming in now and some are allowed to do gymnastics on the trolleys. All a bit dangerous to me but hey, not my kid!

Mario is in again making folk laugh. One of the SERCO lads who comes in smiling, ribbing everyone… just gotta laugh 😉

swan pond

Saturday 16th starts with a couple of tea leaves trying to pinch some stuff. 8:30am when there are only a few people in the store is probably not the best time to try and nick something!

8:40am chap trying to buy some beers… “Can’t serve till 9 am sir, sorry…”

Lady bought a purple loaf of bread, “Is that to match your hair 😉 “

How many buy the Daily Mail? Sorry, should say, of the few that buy newspapers, how many favour the Mail?

Another Apple phone failed to make it’s purchase. Seems this is a frequent problem… creates much joy 😉

“Could you bring your trolley round here sir?” “I have a system.” “Appreciate that but we need to create the 2m space.” “OK, sorry, will co.” Time to learn new things…

“I’ve been doing lots of gardening, just painting fence.” “Stafferton Way is opening up again, you can go tomorrow if you want?” “No thanks, there will be huge queues, I’ll store stuff a little longer.” “Very sensible sir.”

Scotsman with a strong accent. He was saying about buying Domestos for the weekend! I said was that a replacement for the Iron Brew. We laughed 😉

Some folk like us to wait while they lay everything out perfectly before we start checking things through. Others just pile it all in, 8 bags where 4 would do the job!

I’ve been up-selling a few to the blue bags that carry one’s alcohol … some prefer to save 40p on their £100 shop and have them rattling around in the trolley and car!

Lady shopping for 3 people said, “After doing this a few weeks, it seems if you get the alcohol right then there is no real bother with the rest 😉 ”

Another full masked shopping, gloves, whistle at ready (joke) when asked to do something, really don’t like it… but then 2 minutes later, calm as anything. Some folks simply have hair triggers and are self sufficient. It’s not personal, just their “script” as my mate Darren would say.

Another triggered me when they said they were going to the seaside tomorrow, “Google says we can.” Speechless…

great park shade

As the day was ending, old political opponent popped his head around the corner. “Will call you, need your help.” Intriguing… is that just something he said or does he really need my help?

Find out next week…

Thank you.


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