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IMPORTANT APPEAL: Report non collection of bins within 2 days

bins need collecting

I’ve just had an email in from RBWM asking residents to report non collection of bins within 2 days so we can hold the contractor to account.

If bin not collected on the day, report it the very next day.

Please, tell your neighbour who is not on social media about this.

Thank you.

bin lorry collecting waste

On 6th April the council implemented a 3-month temporary change to its weekly bin collection due to staff restrictions brought about through the COVID crisis. Whilst our contractors, SERCO, are still within their service obligation tolerances and better than industry standards for missed bin collections, the change has brought about a higher level of missed bins than we would prefer. The new changes meant unfamiliar routes for many staff, and that is a challenge given the layout of roads, and bespoke individual arrangements particularly for communal properties, all over our charming borough.

Our contract with Serco specifies that if the missed bin is reported by the resident within two days, Serco is obliged to return to collect it within two working days. I am urging residents to report their missed bins as soon as they can, preferably online through the RBWM website or, if not possible, by calling customer services on 01628 683800.

It is critical to report the missed collections as soon as possible after it is missed and within two days of your collection to make sure it is recorded and subsequently tracked and collected. Contractually, if it isn’t reported within two days, Serco are not obliged to return to collect it until the next collection, which makes reporting it asap even more key with the alternate weekly collection.

Kind Regards

Councillor Donna Stimson
Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Climate Change, Sustainability, Parks and Countryside

Thank you.


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