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Improving the Infrastructure: How are Windsor’s roads looking to you?

latest tesco express pot hole

Last night’s cabinet meeting had a summary from Councillor Gerry Clarke, Lead Member Transport and Infrastructure on the Highways and Transport Investment Programme 2020-21

All the info quoted below is from the report, link above. The pothole above has since been fixed.

As lead on infrastructure for the Independent Group I wanted to respond to Gerry and the cabinet but also ask residents for input. It is only with real time observations by residents reporting either directly online by RBWM’s Report It function or to their local Councillor that we can ask Gerry to get the inspectors to pop by and review the actual condition of a road to determine where it should sit in the timetable for improvements. Does it need fixing immediately or can it wait?

I have always found Gerry very approachable & fair as Cllr Lynne Jones mentions in the video clip, and we were glad to see his decision making is based on facts rather than favouritism. Section 6, table 4 details the risk management process as:

  • The proposed programme has been subject to rigorous inspection and prioritisation and indicative programmes for future years included.
  • Budget estimates prepared; contractor rates confirmed’ fixed prices secured where possible and robust financial governance in place.
  • Achievable programme recommended with indicative programme for future years should individual schemes be undeliverable. Recommended that existing contractors be reappointed to ensure timely delivery with minimised disruption.
  • Inclement weather delays programme delivery Medium Recommended that existing contractors be reappointed to undertake weather sensitive elements during the summer / autumn 2019.

It was great to see Cllr Samantha Rayner ask for more for Windsor in her comments on the budget and I’d just like to remind her that while her ward is central, West Windsor is still Windsor for her wider brief.

Pleased to hear more money is on its way to fix the potholes and also regarding improvements to the cycle & footways to encourage more healthy lifestyle.

4.3 An additional £1.5m is anticipated to be awarded to the Royal Borough to tackle potholes and poor road surfaces. Confirmation is awaited but once received this will be allocated to schemes based on technical need.

Well done to Cllr Wisdom Da Costa for securing funding to help with road safety around Dedworth Green First School.

Clewer & Dedworth East / Clewer & Dedworth West
Dedworth Green First School
Outline designs – Pedestrian facilities & safety improvements

This line was great to see and I hope it’s some time before we have the opportunity to run the initiative!

No idling / switch off engines initiative Signage at locations TBC, and publicity exercise to support £5,000

Below are the planned programme and reserve projects plus the details on the current cycling budget spend… hopefully more to come.

Resurfacing Programme – £2m

Clewer & Dedworth East / Clewer East
A308 Maidenhead Road, Windsor – Smiths Lane to Mill Lane (Sections – Extents TBC)
Plane and Resurface £55,000

Clewer & Dedworth West
Tinkers Lane near Basford Rd – Subsidence
Deep patching £15,000

Old Windsor
Straight Road, Old Windsor – From Albert Road to approx. 50m north of Ouseley Road
Surface Dressing site £110,000

Old Windsor
Straight Road, Old Windsor – Junction with Church Rd and the signalised crossing approaches near Newton Lane
Plane and Resurface £56,000

Reserve List

Bray / Clewer & Dedworth West
B3383 – Oakley Green Road, Windsor – j/w Dedworth Road between Cardinal Clinic to Pub
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA – PSV 65 £22,000

Bray / Dedworth & Clewer West
Dedworth Road, Windsor between Oakley Green Road & The Limes
Patching £10,000

Clewer & Dedworth East
Foster Avenue, Wiindsor – Full Length
Joint seal £39,000

Clewer & Dedworth East / Clewer & Dedworth West
Wolf Lane just north of White Horse Rd, Dedworth – Deep patching / reconstruction Relatively short length.
Deep patching / reconstruction £15,000

Clewer & Dedworth East / Clewer & Dedworth West
Smiths Lane, Windsor – Full length
Patching £15,000

Clewer & Dedworth West
A308 Windsor Road / Ruddlesway roundabout, Dedworth
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA, PSV 68 £50,000

Clewer & Dedworth West
Gallys Road – Marbeck Close to A308
Edge plane, joint seal + overlay with 30mm of AC10 PSV 60 + reconstruct road humps £94,500

Clewer East
Imperial Road, Windsor- Oakfield First School to Green Lane
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA PSV 65 £49,000

Clewer East
Dedworth Road, Windsor – Junction area with Hatch Lane over double roundabouts
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA – PSV 68 £29,000

Clewer East / Clewer & Dedworth East
Clewer Hill Road, Windsor – Winkfield Rd to Hatch Lane
PRS – 40mm of 14mm SMA PSV 60/65 – Consider whether it would be better to defer due to disruption with recent scheme £62,400

Clewer East / Old Windsor
St. Leonard’s Road, Windsor – between Imperial Road and Combermere Barracks
Patching / minor sections of PRS £15,000

Eton & Castle
Alma Road, Windsor (Co-op to Coach park)
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA PSV 60 £22,500

Eton & Castle
St Leonards Road – Section near Albany Rd / Victoria Rd
Patching £15,000

Eton & Castle
Victoria Street – Alexandra Rd to St Leonards Road / Peascod St ped crossing
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA £28,000

Eton & Castle
B470 Thames Avenue / Datchet Road, Windsor – Between River Street & Farm Yard
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA – PSV 65 £76,000

Eton & Castle
Eton Wick Road, Eton – between Sheepcote Road & Moores Lane.
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA – PSV 60 (to be visually inspected) – Note: could patch & SD to reduce cost £146,000

Eton & Castle
Beaumont Road, Windsor
PRS 30mm AC10, PSV 55 £21,000

Eton & Castle
Slough Road, Eton – Entry and exit to the A332 roundabout
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA, PSV 65 (Circulatory is also in a poor condition but is not within RBWM boundary). £30,000

Eton & Castle / Datchet, Horton & Wraysbury
B3026 Pococks Lane & Eton Road, Eton / Datchet – Between B3022 & B376 junctions.
Patching & SD – Racked in 6/10mm premium binder PSV 68 £82,500

Eton & Castle / Old Windsor
Osborne Rd r/about j/w Frances Rd (part)
PRS 45mm of 35/14mm HRA – PSV 68 – Sections may require 100mm deep repair with binder + surface. £22,000

Old Windsor
St Lukes’s Road, Old Windsor – Between Crimp Hill & St. Peters Road / Church Road.
PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA – PSV 60 £84,000

Cycling – £50,000

Old Windsor
Cycle Parking – Straight Road shops, Old Windsor On both sides of A308 at parades of shops

Old Windsor
Cycle Parking – St Lukes Road, Old Windsor Cycle stands on modified kerb build out Old Windsor
£ 9,500

A308 – Windsor to Maidenhead Cycle Route
Wayfinding Wayfinding cycle signs and minor civils

Clewer & Dedworth East / West
Dedworth Road Cycle Route Feasibility study for longer term route enhancements

Please share your observations below or directly with your Councillor

Thank you.


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  1. Hi Jon,
    Just wondered why Clewer East: Dedworth Road, Windsor – Junction area with Hatch Lane over double roundabouts = PRS 40mm of 14mm SMA – PSV 68 £29,000 – Is listed as a reserve – to be done again, as there seems to have been work there recently, or was this it?
    Also why was that needed anyway – this junction was only modified recently.

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