Sutherland Grange Recycling Bins Removed, CCTV Installed

The recycling bins at Sutherland Grange have been removed this morning and CCTV will be in place next week to capture any fly tippers as no-one will have any reason to be there dumping there rubbish.

I had the following email from one of the officers this afternoon.

The mixed recycling bins and frames were removed this morning. I am working to get the hospice bank removed but the textile company are running only the most minimal service at present so there is unfortunately some delay in doing so. There will be a mobile CCTV camera placed on site early next week to deter and capture any instances of fly tipping. There will also be signage going in early next week re reporting fly tipping evidence.

RBWM recently gave residents the opportunity to provide feedback on the Sutherland Grange site. Over 200 people responded with a significant majority supporting the removal of the Sutherland Grange Recycling bins on a trial basis.

71% in favour of trial removal
61% of respondents don’t use the site on a regular basis
Over 50% have witnessed fly tipping at the site
18% used the site for disposing of clothes -(the most popular use)
10% claim they use it because don’t have enough recycling bins at home

Here are a few of the comments made by local residents:

“It’s in the eye from the main road. It needs to move or the fly tipping will never stop. Why should neighbours and the community have to look at this?”

“It is a lovely park and adds to the urban feel of the area especially important as one of the major entry points into central Windsor – this eye sore should be removed or at least hidden from road view as it does not give a good impression of Windsor.”

“It is an eyesore and dangerous for children and wildlife. A nature reserve is not appropriate for a dump.”

“It is not used correctly & many items put there can be collected at doorstep anyway. Alternative manned facilities should be made available at an appropriate location or people redirected to the Maidenhead site.”

A recent petition, started by a Windsor resident, proposed removal of the charity bins, emptying the “recycling” bins more regularly and installing CCTV to capture fly tippers. This fits with a handful of comments made by respondents who did not support the trial removal:

“More frequent emptying of bins would help as would active prosecution of the fly tippers using cctv evidence.”

The constant emptying of bins has cost the RBWM thousands of pounds.

Installing CCTV now makes sense as there is no reason for anyone to drop any rubbish there unless they are fly tipping and willing to pay the consequences.

Thank you.


Photo by Michał Jakubowski on Unsplash

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