Please, focus on talking to family, friends and neighbours… help them get their heads straight!

I mentioned last week that it would be good to talk to some of the guys & gals at Tesco and a number are showing interest, so that will be happening but for this week I thought it important to focus in on what is happening to people’s minds.

The key message this week is to make sure you talk to your family, friends and neighbours and make sure they are coping OK with the mental stresses and strains of Covid-19.

jon tesco checkout short dots

Talking to an 85 year old biologist who has also been selected for the over 75s England Hockey team! He was saying how people need social activity, mental stimulation, physical exercise and to be part of a group, a community. Locking people inside houses where they stay for weeks is very damaging… we need to ensure we are doing our bit to help those around us.

Every week I have a regular lady who comes to my check out because she likes the organised way I pack her bags.

Another lady this week looked very tired so I invited her to sit down while I packed her bags. She didn’t really want to be helped, people like their independence but was smart enough to realise she was tired out. She sat down a while and when she got back up the colour had returned to her cheeks. She walked out feeling much better 😉

I’m now getting a few names of the staff to stick in my head… half of you will say “about time!” the others know my pain!

Someone else came along Thursday, struggling with their breathing (existing issue) had bought a pile of stuff and was feeling a tad grumpy. Claire offered to assist and we got her all sorted while she rested. Again, felt completely different as she walked away.

Another feeling really out of salts. Physically fine but mentally, folk just cutting in front of her to get at something on the shelves had taken its toll. I believe I took her from a 10 of stress down to a 5 or 6. She left feeling way more comfortable and hopefully assertive. I told her she had to voice her feelings to people calmly… most would hear, appreciate her pain and give her room.

unconventional portraits

I can read it wrong sometimes… on Saturday a lady was waiting patiently, my inner voice said she may need some help and as the last customer made their exit she zoomed into position, full of beans, I laughed inside and out 😉 Her thing was feeling guilty, it was her second shop of the week. I suggested that she should not feel guilty and should very much be looking after her mental health.

One of my regulars is in a wheelchair with no legs. I asked him what he would say to those people who are feeling stressed out. He said he would tell them they need to stand up for themselves and tell people to kindly stay back. Confirming my thoughts…

Please, please, please, focus your energy on helping those around you to ask for help when it is needed and to stand up for themselves when feeling stressed in a real life situation where they are essentially feeling bullied and pushed to the side.

And if you are one of those people who calmly walks around, not really thinking how others are feeling, not meaning any malice, just not thinking, then please “sense check” the mood of the situation and slow your inner momentum, allowing the other person to browse for a minute or two… thank you.


Funniest moment of the week was when one of my trolls visited my checkout with his mum… unfair to share the details but he’ll be getting henpecked by her for the coming weeks and all I could think was karma 😉

social media award winner

Best moment was winning an award,to add to my collection, for going above and beyond… I’m really enjoying being part of the team. I’ve spent most of my career in sales, being alone on the open road or at my home office desk, working things through mostly solo… I may stick around a while should I be asked.

cllr jon davey magna carta

It’s a short post this week but I’ve been working on a couple of projects with my Rotary hat on that should be ready for pushing next week… I’ve been sorting out Sutherland Grange, Bruce Walk and other bits and bobs while putting my presentation together in preparation for this evening’s Full Council meeting…

I also want to read the Deloitte Report today, you can read it too…

deloitte report RBWM

Thank you.


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