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How to start a Youtube video at a specific time point

council youtube page

Recently it became law that Councillors could meet online via video conferencing tools, discuss relevant topics and then legally vote on a subject that the RBWM council can then take forward.

You can follow the RBWM Council meetings on Youtube right here >>>

This has led to council meetings going on a tad longer than necessary as some Councillors engage in a spot of “show boating”, especially those who feel destined for greater things 😉

Hopefully they will soon get bored and start sticking to the facts…

One fact is that Councillors can highlight specific points in a Youtube video when something is said they’d like to share with others. A few minutes of a 2-3 hour video.

This post explains how to share that information. It would seem, at this time, the only way to do this accurately is via a web page as sharing the relevant code directly on Facebook or Twitter seems to cause errors… taking you to wrong point in video, so a tad irritating.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, a few Facebook trolls have said that I was “Threatening the Council” at the council meeting. To my mind I was simply stating the fact that if they cull 22 members down to 9 for the planning panel, they are impacting on democracy and that those disenfranchised would seek to challenge, make fairer, the decision process by using the tools available… so let me take you to the point in the council meeting where I said what I said and you can make your own mind up.

Above is the video and you add the code that produces it on the page by firstly going to the point in the video you are looking to share…

sharing a youtube video

Then you click share and also “start” which gives you the time point in seconds…

sharing a video at a specific point

I have found, through trial and error, that the code string below is the best one to use on your web page…

sharing a specific point in a video code

You can then simply replace the v=h34vX4sT28Y with the relevant video ID and the start time with the relevant number.

I look forward to enjoying my opposition member video clips from Council meetings and even a few Tory ones 😉

Thank you.


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