TONIGHT ON RBWM TV: Full Council Tuesday, 23rd June, 2020 6.15 pm

Good afternoon fellow residents of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead,

What are you watching tonight on TV? There’s nothing much on… you can catch up on RuPaul later 😉

At 6:15pm tonight you could watch your council in action LIVE (hopefully) on Youtube… depends if tech is doing its thing… you can always catch up tomorrow if problem but do try at 6:15pm…

Video-recording: Click here to re-watch the live stream of this meeting on YouTube

The agenda is below in a logical order, missing out some boring bits… full agenda here… you might find the whole a tad boring, but there could be some unforgettable moments and you’d not want to miss them 😉

Thing is, this is how democracy works. Councillors get voted in. They discuss stuff. The ruling party wants it all their own way. The opposition need to hold them to account and try and get some wins along the way.

In the perfect world, one I would prefer to inhabit, it would all be fairly balanced with everyone getting wins and allowing the other team to win half their motions but that’s not how it is… oh, how the Tories hate to lose as I found out only last week when I became Vice Chair of the Infrastructure and Scrutiny Panel as the first 5 minutes of this video shows…


  • Public Questions – written responses
  • Constitutional Amendments
  • To consider the following appointments:
    i) Councillor Cannon be appointed as Vice Chairman of the Royal Borough Development Management Panel
    ii) Councillor Bhangra be appointed as Chairman of the Licensing Panel
  • Appointment of Panel Chairman – additional recommendation
  • Appointment of Panel Chairman – additional recommendation #2
  • Horton and Wraysbury NP – Appendix A
  • Motion c
  • Members’ Questions
    a) Councillor Davey will ask the following question of Councillor Johnson, Leader of the Council:
    At Corporate Overview & Scrutiny Panel Councillor Johnson said he was “curious” why the opposition had challenged Cabinet’s decision to give Maidenhead United many acres of Braywick Park for zero consideration. How else would he suggest we challenge Cabinet decisions that do not have the required detail to ensure the decision is in the best interests of council and residents?
    Other members will also ask questions… this is so I remember my question!

    Motions on Notice
    a) By Councillor Hill
    This Council agrees to reduce the number of signatures required for a petition to be debated at Full Council from 1500 to 1000 in the interests of democracy by allowing residents to more easily get direct access to their elected representatives on issues of importance to them.

    b) By Councillor Werner
    This Council;
    i) Offers a vote of thanks to the residents of the Royal Borough, the vast majority of whom, whilst facing very difficult personal sacrifices and restrictions to liberty, have diligently followed both letter and the spirit of the emergency legislation brought in to protect public health during the Covid-19 global pandemic;
    ii) Acknowledges the extraordinary courage and commitment to community shown by many thousands of residents, individually, through neighbourhood groups and with our charitable partner organisations, throughout this terrible time;
    iii) Also, publicly recognises the skill, dedication and tenacity with which our officers have co-ordinated these efforts and the Council’s own activities, for the benefit of all.

    c) By Councillor McWilliams
    This Council:
    i) Commits to upholding the highest standards of public office
    ii) Encourages all Members, officers and residents alike to avoid unkind, rude and personal attacks and comments against anyone
    iii) Given recent global events, recognises the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights statement on racism & xenophobia:
    “Prejudice or hostility towards a person’s race, colour, language, nationality, or national or ethnic origin. While some communities are particularly vulnerable, any ethnic group can be the target of racism. Intolerant discourse in the media or from politicians can lead to increased racist sentiments towards migrants and other minorities, including in the form of scapegoating.”

Trust you enjoyed that…

Thank you.


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