Community Governance Review Windsor Town Council CALLING Stakeholder Groups

Request for stakeholder group suggestions – deadline 28 August 2020

22,493 residents have been invited to consult on whether a new town council should be formed in the parts of Windsor which do not currently belong to a parish council. This area spans five of the Borough’s wards and is mainly concerned with the Windsor town centre area but also covers the areas of Clewer and Dedworth.

The Royal Borough is required to consult directly with residents, local organisations, community groups, and anyone else who may have an interest in the review.

Ward Councillors have been asked to promote the consultation and so you may see more than one blog, tweet, like please share so the whole of Windsor knows this is going on, so they can choose if they respond or not 😉

If you are part of a community group, read the guidance here and then email and say you’d like to be consulted or post your letter to

Electoral Services
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall
St Ives Road

The first consultation will run for three-months (from August-October 2020) and will ask for proposals and comments on the formation of a new town council for Windsor as outlined in the Terms of Reference. The comments received during the consultation will help to help formulate the Draft Recommendations.

The Draft Recommendations will be the subject of a second, three-month public consultation (from January-April 2021), and representations received during this period will be considered to inform the Final Recommendations.

The Royal Borough is required to consult with local government electors living in the review area as well as any other individuals and organisations (including existing parish councils) who appear to have an interest in the review.

All representations received during each phase of consultation will be published on the Community Governance Review pages of the council website, as well as the minutes of the meetings of the CGRWG.

Community governance reviews should be conducted transparently so that the local people and other local stakeholders who may have expressed an interest are made aware of the outcome of the decisions and the reasons behind these decisions.

So please, if you know of people who run local community groups then share this message with them… print it off if they are not on the web… and get them registering to share their thoughts.

Thank you.


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