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Royal Windsor where Rich and Poor live side by side

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I love living in Windsor, we have the history and magnificence of Windsor Castle, the Long Walk and The Great Park but sadly all that glitters isn’t gold and we have many, many residents living on the breadline.

With reports of Windsor being a popular place for tax dodgers to reside, how are we treating those less fortunate in RBWM.

The message is clear, we need to look after those most in need in our community at this time…
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Windsor Homeless Project
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Cllr Helen Price has pushed out a couple of posts on Facebook recently which show that it’s not simply a case of the have’s and have not’s, it’s far more serious, with the RBWM trying to extract more from the have not’s! That’s not going to work.


RBWM admits unlawful consultation over Council Tax increases for its lowest-earning residents.

Alan Gass, a community-spirited Windsor resident was driven to challenging RBWM in the High Court over its unlawful council tax increase this year, which has affected many vulnerable residents.

TBF Cllr Helen Price and supporter Andrew Hill were concerned at the unfairness and unlawfulness of this situation and had raised it on several occasions warning that it could result in legal action.

If any other residents have been affected by this issue and need help to rectify, please reach out to us at The Borough First.

royal borough urged to consult on council tax changes


On 14 August RBWM informed eligible residents who are facing financial hardship that their council tax bill were reduced. This is because in March Central Government allocated Hardship Funds for working age recipients in receipt of the RBWM Council Tax Reduction Scheme up to a max of £150. Sadly the computer programme used by many local authorities has taken all these months to cope. There are still funds left in this Hardship Fund to be distributed during the rest of this financial year. Residents struggling to meet Council Tax payments are urged to contact the Revenues team on Residents struggling to meet Council Tax payments are urged to contact the Revenues team on

Those who have queries regarding potential benefit entitlement should use the trial calculator on the website which will provide them with an understanding of whether they may qualify for further assistance with their Council Tax charge before making an on-line application:

While the Benefit Team within the Royal Borough only process applications for CTR/CTs and, in limited circumstances, Housing Benefit, they may also be able to sign post residents to relevant further information. They can be contacted on

Thank you.


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