Join us for a Community Litter Pick Sunday 4th October 10:30am

Local councillors from across West Windsor, Community Wardens, members of Goodgym and the leaders of the pack, Milo’s Mauraders will be meeting up to do a litter pick down at Sutherland Grange.

Milo was a puppy when he ate some plastic on a family dog walk and died on the operating table… sorry for being so graphic but this is more than just keeping the place tidy, nature’s critters don’t want our plastic waste.


Obviously we’ll follow Government guidelines and work in small family groups, max of 6… inline with Gov guidance.

We’ll be finishing around 12pm, so plenty of time to stroll home and have a brew before Sunday lunch 😉

Share this image far and wide… thank you.

community litter pick sunday 4th october

Bring your own gloves…

We will bring plenty of equipment but if you have your own picker, being a professional, then please bring it but put your name on it so there is no confusion.

We will run through the Health & Safety notice and then away we go, heading for our favourite areas of the park to clean up any bits of litter others have left behind.

See you there…

Thank you.


PS This litter pick was planned to be Victoria Park but when I inspected the area I found it unsafe… it has been for years. Residents safety is a priority for local Councillors and I have forwarded my concerns to officers.

hole in victoria park

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