Remembering the Extraordinary DKL at RBWM Council Meeting

Last night’s extraordinary council meeting it felt appropriate to say a few words about my good friend David Knowles-Leak who sadly passed a few days ago from COVID.

I’d known David since I was Chair of the East Berkshire Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) some 20+ years ago. I later asked him to join the committee and he flew through the ranks 😉

Always a great sounding board, we didn’t always agree but had respect for each other and there was always plenty of humour.

There was a significant incident at the last election and DKL, Chair of Maidenhead Labour Party, had even got a member of the House of Lords involved in his battle for truth and justice…

I’d asked if we could have formal recognition of him at the start of the meeting but that would set a precedent so I had to use my initiative…

Item 4 gave me the opportunity… the Appointment of Monitoring Officer and Deputy of Director of Law and Strategy

“I know of one recently departed resident who would be very pleased with the council’s decision to have a full time monitoring officer with wider corporate responsibility, ensuring more timely decision making.

David Knowles-Leak, aka DKL, raised concerns after the last election which might have gone further under different governance. Maybe, just maybe, his actions helped create this new position… rest in peace brother…

I’m sure he’d approve of your decision as I think we all do.

Thank you.”


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