RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood Consultation docs for you to print and share with Neighbours

I have produced these two versions of the RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood consultation, given approval by RBWM, so that as many people as possible can be made aware of the consultation before the 9th February deadline.

There has been a ruling by the high court, Cllr Gerry Clark RBWM Lead on Infrastructure has said if people don’t want it, it’ll not happen… so make sure your voice is heard and complete the consultation and make sure as many residents as possible know about it.

Please print off:

RBWM LTN Consultation A4 to share with neighbours who do not have a computer.

RBWM LTN Consultation A3 to put on a notice boards, shop windows or other.

I have ordered 150 x A3 400g Gloss Fully Laminated for use around West Windsor and will be working with West Windsor Councillors to ensure they get to the most effective locations where the maximum number of people will see them.

The High Court has ruled that the Mayor of London and Transport for London acted “unlawfully” by introducing a Streetspace scheme at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The judge, Mrs Justice Elisabeth Lang, ruled that London Mayor Sadiq Khan and TfL had “taken advantage of the pandemic” and described the scheme as an “ill thought-out response”, calling it “unfair” to licensed taxi operators.
Read the full story in London News Online >>>

The lead member for infrastructure and transport, councillor Gerry Clark (Cons: Bisham & Cookham) acknowledged the timescale of the consultation and said he would be “guided” by officers on how to get maximum engagement from it. He said: “This is a consultation to determine the appetite for such schemes and if residents are overwhelmingly against it, I think I can say right here, right now, that these schemes wouldn’t progress.”
Read the full story in the Windsor Observer >>>

If you know of somewhere we should put these posters then please give the contact details of the person we should liaise with to arrange COVID respectful delivery. Details will only be shared with the Councillors as required.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

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