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RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood Consultation Clewer & Dedworth

Horlers RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood pic

I have spent the last couple of days walking the streets of Clewer & Dedworth West distributing A3 posters to businesses and fixing to lamp posts. I dropped a couple into Horler’s, who I have known for years, they sold our Clewer Hill Road property a few years ago. Bradley said, “Are you responsible for this Jon, it’s a mad idea?”

I replied, “No, it has come from Tory HQ, there are schemes being deployed across the UK. The main reason given is around helping reduce the pressure on the NHS by encouraging cycling and walking as healthy exercise. I have been assured by Cllr. Clark, Lead Member Transport and Infrastructure & Digital Infrastructure Champion, that if more people say NO than YES that the scheme will not be implemented.”

signage map RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood pic

Posters deployed in Clewer Dedworth West

If people don’t respond because they don’t know about it then indifference will be assumed… he didn’t say that, that’s how it is with consultations. So I and fellow Cllrs from West Windsor, are ensuring that as many people know about the consultation in as COVID friendly way as possible.

Hemwood Dell RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood pic

From Hemwood Dell in the north to Sutherland Grange in the south

The posters are neutral in their presentation and don’t carry any political branding and so we were given permission to put them on lamp posts and other council street furniture. Many shops have taken them.

Black Horse RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood pic

Ironic putting poster on bridal path sign from yesteryear!

I’d also like to give recognition that the idea of creating posters for lamp posts came from a discussion with the HR Manager at my work who suggested putting them around the store, with the Manager’s permission.

Dedworth School RBWM Low Traffic Neighbourhood pic

The schools have been emailing info out

If you know of older residents in your street who are unlikely to have read about the consultation on social media then please print off the RBWM LTN Consultation A4 version and drop it through their letter box so they can have their say.


So don’t push it back until tomorrow, print off and share ASAP.

There will be public Zoom events on Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th February, times to be confirmed. I will let you know how to register as soon as I know.

Thank you.


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