When You Need a Friend…

Dedworth Library is going through an evolutionary process and needs volunteers, FRIENDS and more people to fill in the RBWM library consultation.

Library volunteers are beacons in the local communities where our libraries are located. Volunteers help libraries extend the activities on offer. Young people can volunteer during the summer school holidays or time permitting, throughout the year. This gives work relevant experience to build CVs, communication, self-organisation skills and boosts self-confidence.


If you want to do something rewarding in your free time, you can come and help support or organise the range of activities set up to benefit residents in the community. Opportunities to share your skills and learn new ones.

If you’d like to be part of the team but can’t commit to being available at a specific time, or can’t remember what a CV is 😉 then become one of the FRIENDS instead…

Contact Joiy, the Volunteering and Resources Officer, Joiy.Chan-Meeson@rbwm.gov.uk

For the consultation, simply click here RBWM library consultation. If you have no computer, post a letter with your thoughts on the libraries to RBWM Libraries Consultation, Maidenhead Library, St Ives Rd, Maidenhead SL6 1QU.

And if you would like to share this post with friends who are not on computer then please download our supporting PDF When you need a friend… and share it widely.

Thank you.

Cllr. Price, Cllr. Tisi & Cllr. Davey

Please join our Facebook Group: Supporting Dedworth Library Community Hub

Thank you to Chloe Humphries for the artwork to bring the story to life

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