Petition to: re-establish two separate Development Planning Panels for Windsor and Maidenhead

I spoke to John Webb about his petition to bring back 2 planning panels

Petition to: re-establish two separate Development Planning Panels for Windsor and Maidenhead in line with the understanding agreed by Councillors when COVID struck.

Uncertainty over how ZOOM would function saw a single panel created. Residents of Windsor & Maidenhead demand that RBWM, now that the government has forced councils to go back to face to face decision making meetings, give Windsor and Maidenhead their own Development Management Panels, both with 9 voting members.

Local Councillors should be making local planning decisions for local residents. Planning panels are apolitical and so it shouldn’t matter if only 9 councillors consider all planning decisions deferred to them but this does not account for geography.

Ward Councillors who are not on the panel are entitled to speak for a few minutes on an application in their ward but they can’t take part in the debate. Councillors representing a ward understand the nuances of their residents and its history. Having more Councillors involved in the decision making by going back to 18 Cllrs, 9 for Maidenhead area and 9 for Windsor & Ascot area would make for much better, more informed debate.

Thank you

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