The Old Deer’s Getting More Friendly!

Reflecting on the UK opening up and changes that may lie ahead for us all, I was pondering why I seem to enjoy working at Tesco so much, and made a note of a few of the conversations I had yesterday.

One chap was buying various animal feeds and we started talking about the birds and he offered, “The old deer is getting more friendly these days!” And my immediate thought was lucky chap 😉 I then realised he meant he had a muntjak deer visit him regularly!

One lady sounded down on her luck so I suggested visiting Driven Forward’s new Community Fridge on Oxford Street, opposite Windsor Boys’ School side entrance, as they have free food for those struggling or who simply don’t like seeing food go to waste.

A young man in his wheelchair, when I asked what he enjoyed doing for fun now that there would be more freedom of movement, said, “Not much, going down the pub!”… just imagine having to live in a wheelchair 24/7 and how that would change your world!

“Hope it doesn’t rain” said another, got bowls this afternoon…

“Got to go to the dentist later!” so I volunteered about the possible dental benefits of squelching with coconut oil… as I understand it, not being professionally qualified, it gets in those microscopic holes in our teeth and alleviates the pain… that’s been my experience.

Another customer told me she was partially sighted so I offered to help but could see she wanted her independence and so just helped a little 😉

“Make it 9s and 10s!” I said to a regular as I passed him a WOW card… customer feedback is so important. The store is measured on it against other stores and so we need customers to fill in the online survey but the powers that be only reward points for top scores.

I asked my Nonagenarian mate, who still plays hockey for England, for his thoughts on Emma Raducanu struggling in her match the day before… he wasn’t sure…

Matey from People to Places had thought it anxiety, sounds like he was on the money.

We agreed we both enjoyed our roles, helping others get on with their day, far more rewarding than much of the shallowness of business.

Rotary has a motto “Service Above Self” and it is so true, just ask the Dalai Lama 😉

I’ll be sticking around but I do need to explore my own world as well. I left corporate space as I hit 30, couldn’t cope with the bs any longer. There seems to be a theme there that has informed much of the last 20+ years of standing on my own two feet with varying degrees of success over the years.

Let’s see how it rolls out… key is to enjoy whatever you do and not be driven by greed or envy of others… there is far more reward in helping others in small ways.

Thank you.


Photo by Cindie Hansen on Unsplash

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