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Last Chance to Have Your Say on the RBWM Walking & Cycling Consultation 2021

1500 visitors to the website, 565 surveys completed by 364 people, 300 pins added to the maps by 62 people… Cycling Lanes are proving popular, school streets getting less attention.

You have till the 3rd October to have your say…

RBWM needs your help in completing the Active Travel Consultation because they need an evidence base, supported by local residents, to present to central Government in order to access funding. 

The greater the number of responses, the stronger the evidence base and therefore, it’s fair to assume, the more likely we are to get the funding we need to improve the walking & cycling infrastructure in RBWM.

Completing online consultations is the best way to have your say on various matters and so getting in the habit of joining in when asked is a good thing.

This year RBWM has around £700,000 to spend on improvements which equates to approximately £30k per ward. If the results of these investments are looked on favourably by central Government then, it is fair to assume, they will be able to apply for increased funding next year, the year after and so on.

You can feedback online via the interactive maps and / or by completing the online survey. There are also hard copies available in the libraries and face to face meetings were arranged for residents to attend in person… last one this Monday…

  • Old Windsor Library on Monday 27th September between 4pm & 7pm

To access the website, Google “RBWM Travelling Forward” and you should find a link to the relevant web pages. Alternatively, type in:

From there you can review the website and register to complete this and other consultations as they come along.

If you’d rather send a letter, post to: Place Directorate, Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF

Consultation closes 3rd October 2021

Thank you.

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