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AL21 Wates Consultation Finishes This Evening…

If you haven’t had your say yet then do so this evening. My submission is below… if you struggle with forms then by all means send me an email with some salient points and I will forward to Andrew to include in their findings…

I had a meeting on Tuesday with Andrew Turner, Jordan Van Laun of Wates and Lee Hibbard at Woodys in the Pirate Park.

Preference is for the BLP to be voted down but dealing with reality, should the Borough Local Plan be given the nod and AL21 redesignated as building land then my observations / contributions were:

  • For Wates to arrange 2 or 3 public consultations at Woodys for local residents to hear the vision and share their thoughts in real time.
  • To ask residents of the Willows what they want from an A308 crossing.
  • Dedworth Road / Oakley Green Road junction needs some serious thought
  • Same for joining Maidenhead Road
  • Do we need a SEN School or would a mixed 6th Form be a better use of resources (I have a meeting with senior officer next Tuesday to discuss)
  • Community Facilities – some good thoughts shared on community space, meeting rooms, shared workspace, drop in medical facilities, cafe, etc.
  • Buses – a direct non-stop link from AL21 to Maidenhead Railway Station would make sense.
  • Library Dedworth – ongoing support with £3k contribution for each year of development to support an additional half day for local residents.
  • Outdoor Gym – perhaps locate this at Pirate Park or if can have 2, one at AL21 as well.
  • Benches from AL21 to Windsor to facilitate measured walking for older / disabled residents.
  • All weather pitches needed in Windsor. Consider the bottom end of Pirate Park so this could be easily used by St Edward’s students during weekdays.
  • Appropriate consideration given to the residents of the Willows and surrounding area.
  • Similarly, the Cardinal Clinic is a local employer doing critical work in the mental health space at this time and all due consideration needs to be given to them and their patients.
  • With 40% affordable housing, appropriate walking and cycling access needs to be facilitated for accessing ALDI. And maybe, to create balance, trolley parking provided for Tesco shoppers who would rather not take the car?

Thank you.


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