PETITION Keep the horse drawn hackney carriage operating from Castle Hill

Peter Langthorne has been operating with his two teams of greys, “Vic & Silver” from Connemara and “Ronnie & Reggie”, who you really don’t want to mess with 😉 , from Castle Hill for around 7 years.

Pete and Windsor Greys Vic and Silver

He needs your support, please sign his petition here, to get a fair hearing from RBWM.

The RBWM is looking to pedestrianise much of the Castle Hill area once a price is agreed with a contractor. There is £2.5m in the budget, most of it being funded by the LEP, but that might not be enough! Time will tell…

windsor public space have your say

A consultation was held over Christmas 2020.

The current plan would see Pete lose his favoured spot outside Windsor Castle, where there are hundreds of tourists milling around, and be ranked outside the Royal Mews where there are very few tourists looking, unlikely to want a carriage ride.

This position works fine for another carriage driver who has access to the Long Walk, so picks up online bookings outside hotels but not for Pete.

He feels this will be disastrous for his business and I can understand why he feels that way so I encouraged him to put an RBWM petition together. He has one on with almost 1,000 signatures but that holds no influence over RBWM. 

Pete’s story has been covered by Horse & Hound

And The Sunday Telegraph.

Pete and Windsor Greys Vic and Silver

Please sign the RBWM petition and let’s get him a hearing at Full Council. It would be sad to see him and his horses disappear from Castle Hill.

Thank you.


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