WOW, Just WOW Thank You Brian and his Covid Team

Brian and his Covid Team came to Tesco Dedworth’s car park on Wednesday. It was so popular that they ran out of jabs and have come back today while stocks last 😉

covid brian helping older residents

The team are fantastic and for those residents who struggle to walk very far they are happy to jab them in their cars.

This is only able to happen with Joe’s support, Tesco Dedworth’s General Manager who is an open door to local good causes. He has given thousands of pounds of food and support to local charities during COVID and he is always happy to help the community as and when he can.

tesco dedworth community help

The best way customers can say thank you to Joe for all his good work is to complete the customer review survey each month. It takes around 20 mins and is the way Joe gets measured by his boss and compared to other stores.

So if you think what Joe does is WOW, then please say so…

Next time you’re in the store ask for a WOW card and give one of the staff a positive review scoring highly.

Also, if you are involved in community work and live in the area, join our Tesco Dedworth Community Collective Facebook Group.

Thank you.


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