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Is Business in Berkshire a revolving door?


In August 2008 I created the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group to complement a website I had created for a business network I started in 2003.

In 2008 the website showed 5,000,000 page views! Although the feeling was much of this engagement was search engine robots, the data was hard to decipher back then, it was still a massive engagement ensuring the site flew high for many hot search strings.

Mary Flavelle Marlow FM caterpilla

We ran and supported many events. Providing lead generation for Business Link and supporting our Mary Flavelle’s networking breakfasts at the Coppid Beach Hotel… those were the days (my friend).

The website is long gone but the LinkedIn Group remains and after 2 years of enforced isolation I find my creative juices looking for business opportunities to explore.

I thought I’d just check the membership, currently showing 4.809. 

I have always tried to keep it Berkshire centric with a smidgen of international. If someone from Berkshire USA, there are a few places called that, knocked on the door then I might let them in. But looking at the data there are currently 17 from the USA. 

It’s fair to say 95%+ of members would have been Berkshire from an admission view point.

Thing is… when LinkedIn filters by town Ascot, Bracknell, Eton, Greater Reading, Newbury, Reading, Windsor, Wokingham it indicates a total of 2,118 members.


London area is showing 392, Oxford 27… 

So currently 44% of the membership is in Berkshire

How many people on LinkedIn don’t show a location? Search “None” and we find there is a place in Italy called that but none have requested membership of the group 😉

What’s your explanation for this?

Thank you.


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