Motion around Residents’ Safety Concerns voted down by Tories

Last night at Full Council I brought a question and a motion relating to concerns that some residents have around their safety regarding 5G EMF radiation emitted by the new masts that are being installed across the borough.

A fairly innocuous request which could have easily been support by all Councillors as the health and wellbeing of our residents should be at the core of our decision making. You can hear the motion debate from 1:34:24 … sound quality is mixed and view is best suited to radio!

a) Councillor Davey asked the following question of Councillor Clark, Cabinet Member for Transport, Infrastructure and Digital Connectivity:

How is RBWM ensuring that new 5G Masts are not exceeding ICNIRP guidelines once installed?

Written response: The council is required to deal with the planning, installation and operation of new telecommunications equipment in line with legislation and policy as set out by central Government. Those seeking to install and operate electronic communications infrastructure are required to self-certify that their installations will comply with the ICNIRP guidelines. We are not permitted to set health safeguards or require additional information beyond this through the planning process. Monitoring and enforcement powers sit with OFCOM as the regulator and therefore the council has no powers in this regard. As the Cabinet Member for this issue alongside the responsible officers I would be happy to meet with any local residents who have concerns about specific sites to understand the concerns and consider what we can do as a local authority. Where appropriate we can request surveys to be undertaken by Ofcom to assess the compliance with ICNIRP guidelines.

Thank you Gerry for agreeing to meet with residents who have concerns and being willing to invite OFCOM to review 5G sites as appropriate.

There is a great deal of social media bullying around this topic with 5G fans shouting “conspiracy theorist” at anyone who dares to show a modicum of concern online. This means many intelligent, free thinking, open minded residents don’t put themselves in the firing line.

I’ll therefore share this news with residents and we can then arrange a meeting to discuss some of the current concerns.

Thank you again for being open to host meetings with concerned residents.

I shared Gerry’s response yesterday and if you are a resident of RBWM and concerned about 5G then please complete the form here.

MOTION TO COUNCIL 25th January 2022

This Council, in the interests of residents’ safety and in line with the ICNIRP Guidelines, will: 

i)  Actively monitor new and existing telecom masts and other “small cells” installations to ensure they are in line with current guidelines

ii)  Insist the relevant telecommunications company takes the appropriate remedial action if found to be exceeding legal limits

Do we need to monitor the output of our 5G Masts?

Before Christmas I forwarded a specification sheet, relating to a 5G Mast application in a neighbouring Borough, to officers that showed that the antennae had the ability to generate 84,000 times the legal limit. I have requested a spec sheet before Christmas for a new 5G application validated on 14th January for Tinkers Lane, Windsor and still await details from the agent.

I also asked officers if I was right in thinking that if the council accepted the telecom companies self certification then any liability would then fall on RBWM’s shoulders? 

The UK uses the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Guidelines to determine human safety with regards to telecoms installations.

The UK National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which determines planning law, says in Para 117 that applications for an addition to an existing mast or base station must include a self-certification that the increased capacity will not exceed ICNIRP guidelines on non-ionising radiation protection.

The telecom companies are allowed to self-certify their own installations and with this power they were happy to put in an application that could potentially push out 84,000 times the legal limit. Does that sound OK?

ICNIRP says a Safe level of exposure is 1mW/cm2 for 6 minutes. The 6 mins allows for an engineer to approach a mast and fix a problem.

The Inverse Square law applies to normal phone masts where the power for 4G, 3G, etc drops off over distance but collimated microwave beams, which is how 5G works, do not obey the inverse square law and can maintain their power intensity over miles!

If you imagine a flamethrower with the main flame going in a straight line for miles and flames falling off randomly, like a waterfall, along the way… so it is with 5G.

So unlike 3G & 4G the umbrellas of EMF are very likely to overlap, increasing the EMF smog around us.

You might say, if you don’t like it, you could always move to China where the maximum legal levels are 100x lower than the UK.

Alternatively, a civilised society, that has concerns for the health and wellbeing of its residents would ensure the installations meet the legal requirements and take the appropriate measurements to ensure the 5G Masts’ outputs are within legal limits and if found to be exceeding these limits then we need to insist on remedial action.

I have asked officers and currently RBWM does not have the required equipment or skills sets in house to evaluate the current 5G installations. Apparently, based on Cllr Clark’s response to my question, this is because he believes our officers have no power.

Information I have read and shared with officers would seem to suggest councils ultimately have to take responsibility and do their own research. I’m relieved Cllr Clark is willing to explore residents’ concerns further.

I simply propose that as the 5G network expands we start measuring the outputs on a regular basis around the Borough and ask the relevant telcos to make adjustments based on our findings. 

OFCOM can be invited to measure for £1,000 a time in the short term and we should look to purchase our own kit, as resources allow, with 41 x 5G Mast applications submitted in the last 2 years and have our own officers do regular checks.

Is that too much to ask?

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

Clewer & Dedworth West

Three Tories read from Government docs, Geoff Hill, a 5G fan, shared some science and agreed we needed to ensure the telcos are not abusing residents’ trust and the LibDems, also keen on 5G, took the same supportive stance…

In my summing up I bought attention to this legal decision against the regulatory body in the USA: Court orders FCC to revisit its safety guidelines for RF radiation

OFCOM only checked 38 5G Masts last year

Obviously the Tories voted it down.

This video explains the courts decision above

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