Keep Badgering Your Local Councillors for Action

Local resident, Kathy Perrior, has been on my case for 6 months with regular updates about Castle Farm Spinney dog poo bin being constantly full.

In turn, I have been badgering the lead member and the service provider to get something done. I’ve been suggesting replacing the bin with one of larger capacity.

Words kept falling on deaf ears until the service provider said something along the lines of “We just empty the bins, we don’t put them in!”

He said he was meeting the lead officer and would suggest the idea of the larger bin as he believed there to be one in the storage shed.

I reinforced this with my own email saying that if we are charged per bin, rather than another dog poo bin, let’s get a larger capacity bin in position and this would mean no extra costs and the problem, hopefully, would be solved.

Let’s see… welcome to Castle Farm Spinney’s new bin… I have already emailed asking for the service provider to get a bin bag in it 😉

So keep badgering your councillors and eventually a way will be found to resolve the problem.

Thank you Kathy, Mike & Chris.


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