Most Inspired by our RBWM Youth Councillors

I attended the RBWM’s Youth Council meeting yesterday evening at York House, Windsor. They meet twice a month between Windsor, Maidenhead or Zoom and communicate to the world via Instagram and Twitter.

They are full of energy and are looking to improve their community but not in a headless chicken kind of way… they are very organised, teams working on projects, no more than a few on each team to spread the load. Who participates on each team are those that have an interest in the topic, hands go up, project team organised, one of them leads.

The only thing they are missing is experience. This doesn’t mean they will be partonised with meaningless pats on the back or words you think they want to hear.

They are looking for solutions, so are looking for those with experience to share how they would approach a project, topic, assignment… they will listen, grab the bits that work for them and move forward.

And if you’ve promised you would do something for them, best make sure you keep your promise or you might find a chase email landing in your inbox looking for an explanation!

Most impressive… 

I suggested some wise residents they could call on for guidance relating to a few of the topics on their agenda… passed contacts to one of their number and will leave them to make contact in their own time. 

My main reason for attending was I have been planning to go for a few months now, to see them in action, but also two of their number joined in with my Rotary Youth Speaks event at Jafar Hall, Eton College the other week and I wanted to say thank you with a token they can bring out at dinner parties in the future.

Well done RBWM Youth Council and if you are struggling to find someone to address a topic, give me a shout and I’ll join the dots if I can.

Thank you.


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