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5G Telecoms Mast Planning Application next to Trevelyan School

Trevelyan School 5G Map location

Planning Application 22/01162/TLDTT | Proposed 5G telecoms installation: H3G Phase 8 15m high street pole c/w wrap-around cabinet and 3 further additional equipment cabinets. | Land Adjacent To Open Space Wood Close Windsor

As an RBWM Councillor with concerns over the potential repercussions of allowing our residential areas to be swamped with 5G wireless frequencies, I have offered the following objection in regards to the above application.

If we are forced to have them, then I would prefer to see them located away from schools as we do not know the long term consequences of being exposed to these much higher frequency technologies. I have been fighting for the Precautionary Principle to be deployed in these matters as they have been adopted in Brussels and many cities across Europe.

Sadly, the planning rules basically say the only objections can be around bulk and colour!

I was even advised that Trevelyan Middle School did not need to be part of the notification list! “In terms of consultation, there isn’t a requirement for local planning authorities to consult schools under either the legislation or the NPPF.”

Because of this and believing residents should be fully informed, I have shared my objection below and you can make your own comments on the RBWM Planning website but you need to get your comments in this week. Feel free to copy and paste my objection if you wish.


A 15m 5G Mast and associated cabinets in this area, right outside the school gates of Trevelyan Middle School, would not be in keeping with the general look and feel of the area and would stand out like a sore thumb next to the allotments.

It would be more in keeping nearer the industrial style units on Wood Close.

The community would be better served if this mast was in a different location, away from the middle school.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

One response to “5G Telecoms Mast Planning Application next to Trevelyan School”

  1. I object to the 15m 5G mast being erected in Wood Close especially so near to the school and the suggestion that it should be in the T A centre at the beginning of Wood Close is also objected to as it is very near housing which back on to TA site. It would not be in keeping with the general look of the area and what about the high frequency problems which could affect the many residents nearby?

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