Improving the Green Space around West Windsor

West Windsor is starting to shine as many of the green spaces have been cut this week.

It is part of my role as a local Councillor to identify areas of improvement and to work with officers to get us to where we all, residents, officers and councillors want to be.

I have taken my role as Shadow, for the Independents, on Infrastructure seriously and not flinched from challenging the administration to work harder for residents.

Officers have to work within the parameters they have both budgetary and contractual. It’s near impossible to hold a contractor to account if the terms are not laid out clearly. 

A new lead officer came in and has made very positive, steady progress in improving the green space and she has built good rapport with the contractor, ensuring improvements are made even if the contract wasn’t so prescriptive.

Through this blog post I am reaching out to residents to ask you to email me on if there are green spaces near you in West Windsor that you feel should have been cut and haven’t. Please send a picture if you can.

I will then work with officers to establish which are our responsibility and ensure they are included on the list of areas to be cut in the future.

basford cut

In terms of the grass cuttings. The contractor is not going to come round and clear them up. Had previous administrations not cut the budgets to the bone this would have been taken care of but they were and so this is one of the shortcomings we have to deal with.

If it was a patch of grass near my property that I used regularly, kids, pets, just chilling, then my nature would be to clear up the grass cuttings and take them down the tip.

Thank you.


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